1967, Part Two – Summer’s Over

Part II of Michael’s 1967 review

A Thousand Words on Black Sabbath

1967 Part 2 Album collage

By the midpoint of the Summer of Love, it was clear that the world beyond the confines of popular music was about anything but love.  The escalation of the Vietnam War and US involvement in it had led to early predictions in ’67 about the war’s impending end, but these proved to be optimistic. The race riots that had gripped various parts of the US so far that summer were spreading. Music and the counterculture would respond in their own way, but it was evident that they weren’t going to change the world, at least not with love alone. (Although in fairness, Simon & Garfunkel had realized that about a year earlier.)

Pink Floyd’s summer debut The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn established the Floyd as pioneers of, variously, psychedelic rock, “space rock”, art rock, progressive rock… the list goes on. Despite being a fan for years, I admit that I’ve never…

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