1967, Part One – Take It And Run With It

Well written and awesome stuff. Will be re-blogging more of Michael’s posts

A Thousand Words on Black Sabbath

1967 Part 1 Album collage

After reviewing 1966 in my previous post, I was struck very quickly by the sheer volume of music released in ’67. As in, more than twice as many rock albums as the year before. For the sake of my own endurance and everybody else’s interest, I decided I’m gonna have to break this sucker in half.

The year blew out of the gate with The Doors’ release of their debut on January 4. It says something about an album that it can start as a hit, then become a classic, and then descend into the realm of somewhat overplayed cliché, and still be worth a regular listen. From “Break On Through”‘s (usually) edited exhortation to get high, to “Alabama Song”‘s paean to getting shitfaced, to the iconic organ pyrotechnics on “Light My Fire”, to a blues nod via Willie Dixon’s “Back Door Man”, to foundational Oedipal trance music pioneer “The End”, the…

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