A Dream For Today

I had a dream,
They were all there,
The faces among us now,
In the courtyard,
As Kings, Queens,
Ministers and Dancers,
In otherworldly forms,
Gigantic & powerful,
They were celebrating,
Reveling in music & dance,
Not surprisingly,
It was about,
You and me,
You were dressed in gold,
And mezmerised me,
Then the evil ones,
Swooped down,
And took you away,
Much like now,
I fought them,
For you,
In the end,
I rescued you,
And you were back,
In my arms,
What do these dreams mean?
I will never know,
I have a feeling,
We have met before,
That I have loved you,
For centuries,
In lives of past,
Living now,
In the present,
Playing it out again.

– Gaurav Krishnan 19/08/2016


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