The land had lovers, speakers,
searchers, sages and visionaries,
All wishing to please,
All wishing to escape,
I could not decipher their faces,
They were black and hollow,
I bid them farewell,
I found my way,
Toward the wayward seas,
I crossed the meadows,
Toward the horizon,
I climbed the peak,
Toward the sky,
I planted my flag,
Up high,
The way I,
Leave my imprint in this world,
Guide me o’ luminous flow,
As only sequences change,
To and fro,
As I basked in that moment,
I awoke!
My visions dissolved into my room,
Condensed and particulate,
They disappeared,
Am I living within my mind?
For a dream is as real,
As my conscious state,
Consciousness is the permanent illusion.

– Gaurav Krishnan


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