A Meteor Shower Of Epic Proportions Is Going To Happen In The Next Few Days

Everything happens for a reason. I was star-gazing last night after really long, in my balcony and was enjoying it, only to have the session cut-short by big black clouds.

I was pissed. I went to sleep. But this morning I stumbled upon this piece of news, which has got me super-excited!

So it turns out that the meteor shower of the decade is happening in the next few days!

On August 11 and 12, the biggest meteor shower of the year , the Perseids, will be lighting up the night sky.

The Perseids typically peaks in mid-August every year, when the Earth intersects with the trail of Comet Swift-Tuttle. Debris from the comet impacts the Earth’s atmosphere and streaks across the sky, creating shooting stars.

Usually the Perseids emits about 100 meteors per hour, but this year, it’s going to be twice that!

All thanks to an “outburst,” which occurs when the Earth runs into leftover debris from past orbits of the comet as well as debris from the current year. The extra material combines to create a meteor shower of epic proportions.

Some of the meteors that will impact Earth’s atmosphere in the next few days broke off from the Comet Swift-Tuttle nearly a thousand years ago!

The optimal time to see the meteor shower is from late at night on Thursday August 11 to early Friday morning on the 12th, before sunrise.

It’s best to be prepared for this event. So find a patch of land on the outskirts of town or in the country side where the sky is clear and dark so that you can experience this event in the best possible way!

This tool helps you find a dark sky location nearby. Remember to give your eyes at least 20 minutes to adjust to the dark.

Gather your friends and family for this! It’s going to be epic! I’ve been calling my mates who are in the city and asking them if they want to see it!

Enjoy the Perseids and have fun with your friends and family! That’s what is the most important thing.

Look up!

Enjoy 😀



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