This Set By – The Verve – Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear All Week

So the Gods of youtube were kind enough to stealthily recommend this sick set by one of my favorite bands – The Verve.

This popped up as a recommendation  while I was doing my night listening. This band is legendary!

It’s progressive, it’s layered, a bit psychedelic, it’s 90s , it’s different, Ashcroft nails the vocals and guess what – I was doing some star gazing in my balcony and blasting this set on my speakers and it went just TOO well.
I would highly recommend playing this while you stare into the black empty nothingness we call the night sky while looking at the stars.
Unfortunately my star gazing session was cut short by a lot of big ass grey clouds. Damn you Mumbai rain! Fittingly the first track is called “Star Sail”.

But this is perfect. Watch out for the bass line on the second track “A Man Called Sun” it’s sick.

The whole set has got a cosmic atmosphere to it hence it’s nearly perfect for star gazing.

Prepare to be blown away. They don’t make music like this anymore 😦

This was recorded in ’93 as a radio session. Have a listen ->

It’s the best thing you’ll hear all week! Guaranteed – It’s got my approval.

Hit play 😀

Set the controls for the stars!

Enjoy 🙂



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