Mumbai – A Poem

The city of dreams,
The place where the Arabian sea does flow,
Her aqueous waves do crash onto the shore like tempered tongues of a mighty beast,
The flaming omnipotent constant does make the brine shimmer on her surface,
The dancing light on the droplets of the ocean do set the tone for the nature of Mumbai’s eclectic folk,

I meander through these magnificent streets,
Streets where freedom was fought once upon a time,
The tempest in my mind is awake,
Words of unpleasant times, he whispers
I fight this tempest everyday,
Make me one of happiness,
And set my controls for the sun,

I look at the faces that pass me,
Their struggle I do not know,
But lo’ every person must have their own battles, I know
This makes me a kinder soul,
Their faces conceal their struggle,
But the city does enchant them,
The city does fill them with benevolence,
This city does inspire

I make my way to the train station,
The metal beasts ride through the city’s three lines,
Dividing the island by it’s length,
The carriages overflow with people on their daily commute,
The gold is worth the struggle,
In my motherland,
There is no finer city,
Where art unravels at every corner and business does thrive,

The beggar children selling commodities highlight the enterprise in the air,
For this is a city where dreams are realised for those that dare,
This is a city where the greed of man is humbled,
When the broken hearts do make it rain – The downpour unites the masses,
The floods re-kindle the sympathy in this city’s folk,
We from Mumbai accommodate and adjust,
We help the fellow people and smile,
We speak of our days and nights under the city’s lights,

Nothing does shake this city’s spirit,
Even attacks on it’s structures by foreign foes,
Bring about the bravery in this city’s men of mettle,
The fortitude is unrivaled,

Every young person is in love, first with the city and then with their soul mates,
Mumbai’s youth is full of enticing plans of wonder,
They sit by the sea and just stare in awe,
The queen’s necklace does glow on the marine drive,
There is no glorious sight that compares,

The bridges lead to this city’s most famed places,
Where cinema and art collide,
There is no comparison,

The sounds of praise of the holy echo through the scaffoldings and seep through the stones,
Religious diversity is a plenty in my city,
And when it’s is time to celebrate in the name of God,
Millions gather to the streets to rejoice,
In music and dance they revel the nights away,
The food fittingly delights the palette,

This city is one where there is a lust for power,
This city which has given birth to great men,
This city is one of a kind,
This city is the unheralded gem of my country,

This city does sit firmly in the heart of the planet,
Once you are born in this city,
You are a child embodying it’s spirit,
It flows though your veins

There is no other city like it,
Mumbai – The momentous dreamland.

By Gaurav Krishnan


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