Sets For Sundays – Episode #1

I’m starting a new thingy on this blog, basically I’m planning to post a set every Sunday for everyone to listen to.

These sets are calm,chilled and relaxing. Perfect for Sundays.

So let’s get this show rolling.


The first episode sets the tone for things to come and I’m gonna start off with one of my favourite musicians – Richard Ashcroft.

Ashcroft is well known from his days as front man of The Verve and is one of the best song writers and talents there ever will be. This guy is the real deal, his music moves you. Not many people have that God given talent that moves you, Ashcroft does. Too bad his new music sucks maybe its the excess but in the end Richard Ashcroft will go down as one of the most talented singer/songwriters of his generation. Wait till he gets older and makes some legendary stuff.

Just a legend and his guitar. All you need. Here is his live set from 2011, recorded in Boston, part of his tour of America, here it is!

Hope you guys enjoy!! It’s just brilliant!

As a bonus for the first episode of Sets For Sundays, here is a mix of beats from all around the world which I made. As my friend put it, it’s really de-stressing and perfect to wind down.

Happy Sunday!

Cheers ! 😀


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