The Way To Your Dreams

You haven’t yet seen the way to find your dreams,
Take my hand let me show you the way,
Delinquent diversions and we’ll keep it upbeat,
Your light will absorb the darkness inside me,
Ying and Yang – Perfect duality

We will skip past the crags and dive into the oceans,
We will sail with the tide to lands unknown,
We will scale the mountains and stare into the abyss,
Past the peaks and the gorges,
We will dance with the fire in our hearts to the ubiquitous music,
We will drink the ale and eat hearty,
We will immerse our souls in each other
Charm the snakes and bedazzle the tricksters,
Seek peace within the holy lands,
The structures will speak tales of love,
The people will be wide eyed and inquisitive with questions about us,
Enchanting paths through the forests,
Animals and birds lurking will cheer in approval,
Going somewhere yet bound nowhere,
It’s only with you, I grow
We will learn and love
For all my insides scream only for you,
Why – I do not know

You’ll light the fire within my bones,
That old feeling written about for centuries- I want it again,
Life’s purpose,
I want the world to come alive again,
I want to feel with you again,

You’ll be mine to keep,
Yet you will be free to float around in the beautiful world,
I will tell my stories through the lens,
And they will applaud and marvel,

Step into my black hole,
I am the star sailor and you are my muse,
Time will stop again,
I love it when it stops,
And there is nothing but you and me,

We will conquer it all,
We will live

Hurry, come to me before it’s too late
Before I find another
You’ll be on my mind in my sleep

There are many things I can do
But I just want to fall in love with you

I am alive, I want to grow.
The way to your dreams is only with me.


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