Stand The Test Of Time

Longevity I do dread the most,
The dangerous paths do I tread the most,
Blissful solitude seeps into the depths of my mind,
I do leave the others far behind,
Never quite one for the crowd,
Re-discover the light in your soul,
Re-ignite the passion of old,
You won’t ever feel alone

The gentle swaying trees under the hollow moonlight cast their shadow,
There is but a moonbeam that lights up the moor,
Pensive, I pace the yard unto my garden chair,
To write under the cosmos is my night’s affair,
The stars are burning embers of stories yet to be told,
Stories of fallen soldiers, angels and loves lost unfold,
Inspiration does come naturally in this setting,
Up until dusk do I sit and write,
A pale chalky moon and blue starlight
I am but the progeny of night

The birds in the sky take their morning flight,
Their playful spirit does conjure a lust for life in my soul,
High above the eagles watch on by,
The fiery constant rises up in the horizon,
Rays of the sun strike my venerable face,
She walks out to my chair at day break,
Kisses me gently and grabs another chair,
I smile and play with her soft hair,
Love is unspoken acts of significance,
Love is thoughts of home and belonging,
Love is what I see in her eyes,

Gone are the fears and the sorrow,
I outstretch my palm searching for hers,
Her warmth and life do I feel when they meet,
With picturesque love we look at each other and smile
Her soul is one with mine

I have stood the test of time.
I have stood the test of time.


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