I Am Born Again


If you know me personally or follow my blog, you would know that music is a major part of my life. I have been listening to music from the age of 10-11 and it’s a vital cog in my wheel of things I love in life.

There is no better release. There is no better cure. There is simply no better healer. It lightens the mood, it excites, it makes you relive moments, it means things and in short it gives you an experience. I’m so particular about music that I don’t even visit places where the music is shit. Haha. You could call me a bit over the top, but hey the music’s got to be good man.

I’ve been making playlists since about 10-11 – it first started with recording songs I liked from the radio on a cassette – ahh the good old days of cassettes 😀 The original mix tapes. Anyway it went on to custom cds – my cds were reknowned and famous in school. Even at the inter school dramatics in my final few years I was the music co-ordinator for two years in a row.

Music has taken me on a journey all throughout life. Whether I was travelling with my parents and blasting the Eminem Show in the car when I was a teen. Or my trips to Goa in college to Djing at our college bar. The one constant in my life – music.

I love to share my music with the world. Anyway if you guys have already subscribed to my youtube channel and checked out my internet radio show then you’re awesome !

Here are the links anyway –

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The greatest people have gone through some kind of shit or the other. Hopefully I can achieve greatness one day. I take what I have been through as inner strength. Hopefully everything works out fine

So now I read and write a lot, I listen,  I learn, I stay content despite whatever is going on around me.

In a nutshell – Life goes on.

I know I will succeed one day.

Moral of the story – Keep going. Life gets better.

I can hear the sounds of a baby’s shoes you know those noisy ones outside my window.. they’re so cute…. Maybe one day I’ll have a wife and kids.

“If you want the rainbow you must have the rain”

Live it. Love it ! Stay cheerful 😀

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Much love readers




  1. Like you I started out taping off the radio ,making mixtapes and then CDrs. I’m a moble DJ here in DJ. I posts my mixes in my blog and welcome you to follow me and we can compare notes and stories!
    Peace ,Love and music

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