Album Review – Blink 182 – California

I got the new Blink 182 album – California – at the start of this month and have been listening to it often. Whenever I want to feel young again I just blindly play Blink 182. That’s what Blink 182 do – They reminded you of your youthful wasted teenage years where everything was about fun and doing stupid shit. They’re the band that never quite grew up and are the ones who gave the world their unique, teenage punk rock perspective about life.

How can you can not love Blink 182?  They’re easily one of the best punk rock bands of all time. I would rate them 3rd in the all time best punk rock bands list which would go something like – 1. The Ramones 2. Greenday 3. Blink 182… etc

Anyway they’re back isn’t it fucking awesome ! So let me break it down for you – A Clinton is running for president, people are collecting Pokemon and Blink 182 have a song at number 1 on the billboard charts ! Welcome to 2001

However sadly, Tom De Longe is no longer part of Blink which is really a bummer because his vocals and guitar palying were the essence of Blink, the band he formed in Poway, California. He’s busy chasing UFOs now, seriously !! That’s what he’s doing now!

Read this !

Anyway now they’ve replaced him with a decent talent in Matt Skiba . So Blink 182 are – Travis Barker(drums) Mark Hoppus(vocal/guitar) and Matt Skiba(vocals/guitar)

Anyway let’s get straight to it !

1. Cynical

They’re back and how ! A full blown anthem for all the wasted years gone by. Cynical is a classic Blink – 182 number. About giving up and saying sorry. Travis Barker gives a kick ass intro about 30 secs into the song. While Hoppus and Skiba go on to blaze the guitars. “What’s the point of saying sorry now?” “Not Sorry !!!” Have a listen. Perfect first track

Rating – 9/10

2. Bored To Death

Starts off a bit like their previous work, “Adam’s song” in particular. This song is a number for all those, like me, who hate growing up and just don’t want to. And of course we’re all –  Bored To Death. “It’s a long way back from 17” and with an paradoxical chorus that says  “Life is too short to last long” Brilliant. The music is typical Blink and Barker, Hoppus and Skiba kill it!

Rating – 8/10

3.  She’s Out Of Her Mind
Love this one ! “I’m in deep with this girl but she’s out of her mind!” and “Bauhaus stuck in her head” This is the teenage anthem of all those in love with their high school/ college girlfriends and I certainly miss them  a lot when I hear this one. Coz they were all fuckin out of their damn minds! But hey so am I ! So yeah perfect matches ! After all “We all need something to live for”

Rating – 10/10

4. Los Angeles

Blink’s LA anthem. Travis Barker gives a fitting intro to this one. LA is Blink-182’s city of love, life and glamour! It’s got some brilliant music. “I’m never coming home” Hear it!

Rating – 7/10

5. Sober

Haha love the title. The “Na na na’s” are back on this one. Musically similar to their trademark style. But an OK song. “Laughed out loud and smashed some lights”
” I know I messed up and I might be over, Let me call you when I’m sober” Haha perfect line. This one is for all of you who need to make up. Do it !! What are you waiting for? Let me tell you one thing – Just make up with your ex and give it another shot. It’ll all be perfect. Epic. But if you don’t want to then don’t . I’m just for this making up shit coz it’s so awesome 😀

Rating – 7/10

6. No Future

Oh man this one is my favourite track off this album. Well it’s because one of my exes used to keep telling me that we had and I quote her “No Future”. Well  I just got high to deal with it back then, but it was fun. I miss those pointless conversations and I miss getting pissed and shit with her. It’s like Blink made this one for us. But it’s a fucking awesome track. Hey if you’re reading this.. “Na Na Na.. They don’t care about you”

Rating – 9/10

7. Home Is Such A Lonely Place

This one is my favourite. Easily. Love the intro. Love the lyrics. Love the slow drums and love the guitar work. This song takes me back to all those lonely days away from her. Miss those days. “Home is such a lonely place with you” babe.

Rating – 10/10

8. Kings Of The Weekend

Theperfect weekend Anthem!! Just hit play on this one on Fridays and kick start your weekend. Pumping up and brilliant guitar riffs. “We got no control!” and for those 3 nights ” We are the kings of the weekend!”

Rating – 8/10

9. Teenage Satellites

Travis barker’s intro is awesome. This is one another that reminds you of your teenage years and all those girls you took out. Haha loved those times. We were all teenage satellites back in the day. Loved those high school and college days.

Rating – 9/10

10.  Left Alone

This one is a the lonely boy’s anthem. “Can you remember the last time we woke up sober?” “Can you remember the last time I stayed over” Damn that brings back so many memories. And in the end we’re all ” Left alone to wonder” Awesome song.

Rating – 8/10

11. Rabbit Hole

I love this one. The first line is the best “Dear head, shut up!” hahaha. Only Blink 182 can write such awesome lyrics! Barker, Hoppus and Skiba jam the fuck out on this one. Blast this !

Rating – 8/10

12. San Diego
The intro sounds a bit like Bored to death.
Lines like “Sometimes I wonder where our lives go? “And question who we used to be” and “Sick of rent and gasoline” Make this one awesome also “Listen to our favourite songs in the parking lot” reminds me so so much of my time just driving around Bangalore with my girl then and parking in the darkest shadiest places and also some colony called NGV or something where we just made out for hours and hours on end. We even almost got busted by cops – my pants were down and the cops arrived ! I HAVE NEVER ZIPPED UP THAT FAST IN MY LIFE ! Haha love this one.

Rating – 9/10

13. The Only Thing That Matters
THIS ONE ! AWESOMENESS! BLINK all the way. Fast paced, punk at its best!
“Coz you’re the only thing matters” “Coz you’re the only thing that’s real” “Coz you’re the only thing I never let go” “Coz you’re the only thing I feel” Nuff said. Hear it!

Rating – 10/10

14.  California

The final song and title track. “Two little kids out on the lawn” – They grew up on this track. An anthem for California. They go on to sing that this is what they’ve always wanted. Who wouldn’t? “Hey, here’s to you California!” Nice track but not their best.

Rating – 7/10

Honestly, I loved this whole album so much from start to finish. I didn’t want it to end. Just play this and get transported back to your younger teenage days. This album is so sick and so filled with good vibes that it’s not even normal! Hit this play for an adrenaline rush and be prepared for going back in time with images of your past flashing before your eyes. Rejoice! This is a masterpiece. Wish Tom De Longe was also on it though. Blink- 182 are back !! Punk is not dead ! Heres to never growing up !

Here is my google drive link. You can download the album here and you can thank me in the comments ! Hear it ! Love it ! Enjoy !

Peace out peeps! I need to pee now. Okthanksbye. Haha



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