The Taming Of The Beast

Mongrels were howling,
The wind turned from meek to violent,
Trees swayed ferociously, almost dancing,
Their arms bore down on me,
I walked the path observant and seeking,

Fortitude is a trait I carry along with my unconventional demeanor,
Yet these times are turbulent and twisted,
Street lights magnify the turmulent rain,
Dark, silent and complete the night casts it’s shadow on the street,
As I view the world through my periscopic eyes

A figure emerged from the curb,
It was a woman in a red dress, battling the rain,
Her face melted as she walked past me,
Her smile was all that was decipherable,
Her lipstick smudged by the downpour,
Her gait was like a wisacre drag queen,

Our eyes met,
Her smile disappeared,
Could she see through my soul?
Did my harsh eyes erase the gleeful thoughts in her mind?
She quickly scampered past me,

The monster within does show itself through my deathly brown eyes,
I went on my way as I reached the end of the street,
To find there across the road, an angelic beauty,
She was waiting for a taxi,
I could not help but stare at her,
Her face was fair and alluring,
She was a dimunitive seductress,
Just by her looks,
She wore a blue Indian dress,
This stranger was different,
She was the prettiest stranger I had come across,
She didn’t notice me,
But I could not stop looking at her,
The night calmed down,
Maybe it was her effect?
Her beauty stopped nature’s rage
I felt ominous attraction,
I whispered: “Hey, I want to get to know you”
“You are the most beautiful stranger I have seen”
I stood there,  mezmerized just staring,

She caught a cab and got in,
The moment was gone,
I was left alone again,
For if we could just muster the courage to speak to the ones we find attraction towards,
Then the world would be filled with more beginnings than endings,
I cursed myself for falling in brief love with an unknown stranger,

I brushed it off,
Concentrate: The game is afoot,
I walked on towards my goal,
My ever so dangerous vice,
My phone rang,
I saw a black car pull up ahead of me,
The black man spoke,
I conversed back,
I sniggered,
The package had arrived,

My little walk had ended,
I walked up towards the car,
The rain thundered on the car’s roof,
The window rolled down,
The figure asked me “Do you have the money?”
I nodded,
I handed over the money and picked up the packet,
The car sped off

The game was over,
I had won or was I just losing this whole time?
A dark smile emerged on the beast’s face,
It’s downfall, it’s weakness.

Maybe this walk could have had a separate outcome,
Maybe I could have been saved by that beautiful stranger,
The beast must get it’s hollow desires,
Yet the beast was tamed for a few blissful moments,
For a few moments there was love,
For a few moments there was adulation and purpose,
Toward an unknown angelic face,

I turned on my music,
I escaped once more,
The downpour stopped,
The night was calm again,
Onward back to the cave I emerged from,
Onward to my further destruction




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