Dilated Eyes

Dissolved on my tongue,
Through my dilated eyes I saw,
The ships touching the horizon dissolve,
The lights got brighter on our way to the beach shack,
We laughed like soft smug children,
I knew, It hit !

We sat in a circle and pulled the chillum,
We passed the charas filled pipe and said Om Shiva,
I couldn’t feel it,
My friends suddenly wandered away,
I sat there looking toward the ocean

I turned,
The deck moved upwards and then sideways,
The auras were visible,
The music was felt not just heard,
The Thumping beats reverberated through my soul,
The music in the room called out to me,
I felt the blood gush through my veins,

Blue-violet lights shone bright,
The paintings came alive,
The room was filled with dancers,
Each dancing the dance of their soul,
We danced the night away,
Each movement coinciding with every beat,
Dancing in the neon

We were free,
Time stood still,
It felt like hours,
My world – everything – condensed, broken down, molecular, dancing
I realised – To do my own

The dances were a tandav to the Lord Shiva,

Not for the faint hearted,
We passed the acid test,

It dissipated and wore out after a while,
The experience was surreal,

We were part of something,
A movement of self discovery and free thought

My perception changed,
I would view the world differently

Through dilated eyes forever searching,
Finding meaning,
Trying to find purpose,

Experiencing freedom,
To do as your spirit desires


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