I Will Not Go

Two hands restless in the night,
Two hands forever longing,
Find their way to each other,
A mystical land,
Far away hidden under the moonlight,

Suddenly love comes like an unplanned visitor,
The musicians play melodies,
The air becomes thin and enveloping,
The lights get brighter,
The feeling is emotion experienced,
Hearts feel alive,
Together they bask in majesty of the strange country

Languages unspoken,
Feelings unknown,
Words unsaid,
Comfort in each other,
Love in her eyes,
Looking through my soul,
Drawing closer,

The wine must flow,
Every star in the sky shone like otherworldly gems,
The tower stands tall and shimmers,
Paris is alive

A dim lit room,
A gentle kiss,
Breath taken away,
Lips drenched in rose wine,

The night is real,

I feel unbeatable,

Hush little one,
Don’t you cry,
Nothing else matters,
The moment is all that exists,
And I am one with you,
I am in love,
And You are the one,
Sleep on my shoulder beautiful stranger,

I will not go
I will not go


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