Thrust into this conundrum,
No where to circumvent this paradox,
Perhaps a place where the soul can breathe in peace does exist?
Rabid confusion like the hungry mongrels scouring for food,
Except what they seek is but paper of value,
Designed to inculcate a sense of purpose,
Yet those who seek it are those confused about the world,
Sometimes it’s value in blood and tears of downtrodden ones,
And sometimes lives will breathe no more for it,
Trust in philosophies of old,
Before you pledge blind faith to gold

The brain must escape it’s box,
For that which is taught is but selected propaganda,
Freedom beckons to those that question,
As the world turns a new dawn,
Answers no longer hidden,
Be a citizen of the world before one of a nation,
View things in calming contemplation,
All that does contrive to occur must pass,
For the ignorant ones often realize the least

Find the remedy before it infects you,
Before you find comfort in a crowd,
Ask for who would still show when all is lost,
For those are the golden ones
Those that surround you are ephemeral,
Selfish motives hidden to sight in a sea of smiles,
The winner must stand alone,
The one who absconds is the one sought after
Solitude brings addictive peace

Love remains an eternal pursuit of the true-hearted,
Yet it is but a word for another experience,
A forgotten feeling in a new world of objectivity,
It comes when you least expect it,
Fortunate are those who find it,
Less fortunate are those that search for it,
Beggars are those that shun it
For morals are devoured by gold,
Money beats soul they say,
But What are your possessions worth?
When your gravestone remains the same size as the ones you stepped over

Seek purpose and find value,
For a life well lived is when other lives are touched,
Why live if not for each other,
Without divisions of ideologies,
Oneness within the vortex spinning toward greater good,
Dreamers who write history doing extraordinary,
When we are all born capable,
I thank the righteous ones for rescuing me
For I can think clearer than a ripleless lake
I thank them for saving my soul,
Before I threw it all away

Yet the devil in my ear never goes away,
He rides with me in my mind,
For the conflict of morality is what makes the game of choice,
There is no love in incoherent darkness,
For the beast is let out,
And the beast tarnishes even the purest soul,
But in darkness there is self discovery,
Embrace the darkness like a forgotten lover,
The weak succumb,
The strong live on,
Seek inward before you seek around


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