Phantom fate decides the outcome,
Lay to rest the meanings,
The signs they serve for all those who seek,
From the heavens – the higher understanding,
For the world we see is but a reflection,
Past, Present Future all stand still in every moment
For time works like acid

Broken-up, Molecular, Atomic, Progressive,
For if the gold fish in the bowl taught us anything,
Is that what we perceive is but from our disposition,
An absolute – There is no such thing,
The events that must transpire stem down to choice,
There is no other logic behind tragedy

I must erase what has befallen me,
The more I try, the more it saddens me,
But the sorrow I welcome like a dear old friend,
For how else am I supposed to feel human?
Vices are dissolved in my bloodstream – a part of me
Beautify, Objectify, Vile and then Ravenous – It progresses such,
For a man would rather do than think,
But the few that think would rather just be.

“It will all be alright” Are the words I want to hear,
From a beautiful stranger who will thus sooth the pain,
Longing makes me feel,
For to feel is something I have forgotten
What must follow in my universe is progress toward complexity,
For the universe moves in such a way,
Yet to regress is what I fear the most,
Old age the curse of a youth lived reckless,

Maybe one day the time will come,
Maybe one day the sun won’t shine,
And in that darkness I will find light
Maybe one day I’ll see them running out on the lawn,
Spitting images of me,
And a gentle hand that will hold mine,
That day I will stand the test of time,

Despair not for the end will come,
Freedom or just the beginning
The grand stage must draw it’s curtains
So traverse those steps on your way,
Bleak, hopeless hearts wander astray to each other,
That is the way of the soul,
For years I have known not what it is to weep,
Words that were never said remain mine to keep.

Go on singing that same old song,
Age old black swan



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