Poem – Burning Bridges

On about the day with an ardent fervour,
Desire still mocks my human nature,
Freedom I know the meaning of now,
When ensnared by virtue of delinquent acts of a fool,
Yet that youthful exuberance I long to have once more,
But with age comes wisdom which I embrace like the shore,

For I was broken many a time before,
A time when I was left out in the cold,
Yet I burned those bridges of old,
The light they give now show me the path to follow,
Yet inside I remain hollow,
Now I say to myself- To go on is a necessity,
But my past she still haunts me,
Should I get back the heart that I sold?
O friend for mine is a story to be told,

Dear beloved – you are a thought that must pass,
You did see through me like glass,
Now you don’t know this new me,
I picked up the pieces,
And re-arranged it individually,
For now I close my eyes and breathe away the sorrow,
And with hope I embrace the new beginnings of tomorrow.

– A poem by Gaurav Krishnan


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