Our It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Moment

Whenever I sit back and think about my college days, I only have fond memories of the blurry haze that it was. I was just going through some old pictures and found one particular one that reminded me of the most hilarious moment of my time spent there.

We were literally the epitome of lazy, piss drunk, high teenagers and all we did in college was get fucked up straight out of our skulls. Damn, those were the good days.

Now I don’t know whether it was the show “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” having an effect on us but we certainly were much more crazy than them in real life. “It’s always sunny in Manipal!” was us. Me and the gang upto some bollocks or the other.

Days in Manipal, Karnataka were one hell of a ride. We would get baked every single day as soon as we woke up and in the evenings post classes or exams or whatever you would find me and the gang at one of the three bars (Open Bar represent… Amen!) we always went to and from then on it was just an alcohol filled slog way way into the night.

So this particular day we had just finished our exams and headed straight to Cocks and Mocks(short for Cocktails and Mocktails) one of the bars in my college’s little town. All the bars in manipal had one thing on common, one open bar counter and lots of drunk students standing around and consuming unbelivably large amounts of alcohol. Thinking about it now, they were all open bars ( a bar counter in the open! tell me where you get that?).

Anyway so after I got done with my paper I immidiately called up Imran, my buddy and headed straight to C n M. Varun (Laka) was there along with Imran and Vikram and two of the girls Amsha and Kanika. I greeted them and asked “What are we drinking today lads?” Vikram was there already holding a Calsberg Elephant can in his hand so we decided to make it a Carlsberg Elephant night.

Carlsberg Elephant’s were Carlsberg’s strong beers and we were addicted to them as soon as they were released. Imran was always the funniest out of our gang and he was talking balls and laughing as soon as we hit the third can and was already slurring(Immaayyyyy!!!). So I don’t particularly remember the conversations that day because it’s been a really long time, but it went something like this
Imran – “Gauri man, let’s get wasted on Elephants !”
Me – “Yeah man,Immy my paper was shite, I think I’m failing”
Amsha – “Dont worry G, just drink!”
Laka – “What re bastard you think I’ll pass?”
Vikram – ” Haha, Laka remember when you fell into that ditch while playing football?. Too Fail”
Laka – “Don’t remind me, bastard”
Me – “Haha that was just too fail, but worse was Sarda he was lying in the ditch next to Regal Palacio and then Farhan found him!”
Everybody – Hahahaha
Me –  ” Maaan, Cocks and Mocks always ends up badly, remember when we all met for the first time here and got drunk and Farhan was talking to his girlfriend?”
Everybody – “Hahahaha”
White – ” Dear God, we thought all you Bombay guys were retarded”
Me – “Haha, Ok guys, wait up leme get a can”

Anyway our conversations usually had shitloads of memories and laughs. But this particular day was one of the craziest.

So we picked up some more Elephants and headed to our usual place the spot. “The Spot” was one particular piece of land on top of a tiny hill where some locals had arranged some blocks of stone in a square and it made the perfect place to drink. Anyway we began drinking and by the end had hit about 6 Elephant cans. We were high as shit and star gazing by the time night came down and we were so high we thought we saw UFOs.

I swear to this day I do not know what the fuck those objects in the sky were but their flight pattern was so freakishly random that they couldn’t be satellites. I swear they just zipped accross the sky and we were certain they were UFOs.

Anyway I had to get to my job of Djing at the local pub DeeTee. So I told the gang, “Let’s head to Dee” So the night began after those 6 Elelphants. We went in and I turned on the PC to play some killer tunes. We continued drinking Elephants all night. And would go out for breaks to the DeeTee joint point to smoke a few joints. Joint Point was a small wall which was the boundary of the pubs complex where the stoners would sit and roll joints for everybody to smoke. It was the grand congregation of alcohol and marijuana.

Anyway the night went on and Imran and I had way way too much to drink. By the time the night ended we had consumed 11 Elephant cans! That’s right 11 fucking strong 500 ml cans of Carslberg Elephants.  We were piss drunk and slurring badly and staggering as we walked.

Anyway we wanted to score some pot but nobdody had any. So me and Imran were having a slurry conversation as we peed across the road from the pub. I spotted some plants that looked like Marijuana. And yelled to Imran – “Immay look!”
Imran – “Gauri you found weed!”
We were both fucked up and decided to venture into the jungle to go pluck those plants that we thought was weed.

As we walked into the bushes Imran ran ahead of me and was so fucking wasted that he fell face first into those plants! screaming – “Gauri we found weed!”

He fell face fucking first into those plants and I cracked the fuck up laughing!!! It was by far the funniest shit I had seen all day.

I was too fucked up to help him and I almost fell backwards laughing at what I saw.

Then we collected those leaves like deranged piss drunk teens and took it back to our penthouse.

We were so fucked and things were so blurry on the way back that we almost go hit by a truck. *** I swear to this day I don’t know how I managed to stay alive after getting so high in Manipal, I could’ve died on multiple occasions***

We then sat on my bed and crushed those leaves and rolled them into joints.

We actually smoked those plants. Some random fucking plants. And thought we were getting high.

Until Anant (My other flatmate) came in and started laughing hysterically at us.

That was our “It’s always suny in Philadelphia” moment.

Here is a picture I took that day of those plants.

imrans bush
Imran’s bush of freedom

I don’t know what we were thinking but we certainly gave those blokes on the TV show a good run for their money.

I maintain to this day that we were just too high to do sane things. The Goa trips were another level, anyway that is for another day.

Here is a picture of  me and the Gang.

me and the gang
The Gang

Those were the days.

The Good old days.

Cheers everyone !



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