Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Getaway – Album Review

I just got my hands on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s new album ‘The Getaway’. I was eagerly waiting to hear the follow up to ‘I’m With You’ and ‘Stadium Arcadium’ because they absolutely outdid themselves on the latter. Following up ‘Stadium Arcadium’ was a daunting task nonetheless but the hope was that ‘The Getaway’ unlike I’m With You could match it. RHCP do tend to make catchy, complex yet simple worded anthems courtesy Anthony Kiedis and their music is always Flea induced, bass giddy while Chad Smith is always on point with his drumming. However this album rang in changes for the Chili Peppers with this marking the first time a RCHP album was produced by anybody other than Rick Rubin, with Kiedis and Co. opting for Danger Mouse and long time Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich instead, while on lead guitar this album features Josh Klinghoffer who joined the band on ‘I’m With You’ and had toured with the band as a back up for John Frusciante post 2009.

Rick Rubin served as a classy producer who turned the raw high school kids i.e Chili Pepper’s of 1984’s  self titled album Red Hot Chili Peppers and 1989’s Mother’s Milk into world class super stars of the rock circuit. However, this album got another stellar producer in Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton who not only produced but co-wrote five of the tracks on the album with Nigel Godrich of Radiohead fame handling the mixing.

The Getaway is RHCP’s 11th studio album and here is my review of it –

1. The Getaway
The title track starts off with a lot of steam, literally steam sounds – Josh Klinghoffer teases with some guitar riffs and Chad Smith’s drums begin steadily, Flea’s bass is suppressed on this track while Kiedis begins the vocals. Not suprisingly, the title track features the word California again like many of their songs – “Lost in California” Kiedis sings which is the standard RHCP line. RHCP’s longtime love for California is very evident through most of their music and this is another track to supposedly serve as a theme for Getaways but the track really doesn’t hit that point or even feel much like a ‘driving song'(my favourite driving song is Deftones – Be Quiet And Drive).  The Getaway doesn’t excite or make you feel anything other than a usual RHCP song.

Rating – 4/10

2. Dark Necessities

The intro is top fuckin notch slowly building up with some piano and bass lines. Flea gives it his all after the drum break going bezerk as always – really after Colin Greenwood, Flea is the best bass player out there. “Everything must go away” sings Kiedis which is such an epic line which is so true. The song is energetic, effervescent full of Flea’s beastly bass and Chad Smith’s up tempo drums while  Kiedis nails the vocals, “You don’t know my mind, You know my kind” is the statement for every misfit out there, “Dark necessities are part of my design” sings Kiedis. Josh’s guitar work is tame on the track while the paino in the middle of the song is unnecessary and isn’t at all like the RHCP we all know and love. There’s something about the song that has that California drug infused inspiration. We all have dark necessities and desires so this song is for all of us. Seriously, it’s one of those songs that you love more the more you hear it.

Rating – 8/10

3. We Turn Red

I got bored of this one but the slow, acoustic part sounded nice. Decent music. Decent Vocals. Nothing special.

Rating – 4/10

4. The Longest Wave

What a song ! Damn, I fell in love with it on the first play. The intro by Josh is beautiful, the slow drum beats kick in and Kiedis begins perhaps the best song on the album. “The wave is here” it’s RHCP’s classic slow ballad much like “Road Trippin” or “Zephyr Song”. I have big feeling this song will be a run away hit. “What you want, what you need, do you love?” nuff said, hear it !

Rating – 9/10


5. Goodbye Angels

Another mediocre song. It’s alright nothing great or to rave about. “Suicide a month before I met you. Deep regrets, I never could forget you “, sounds like Kiedis had a bad break up or something and after I read up he actually did with a super hot Australian model Helena Verstergaard. “Say goodbye my love, I can see it in your soul, Say goodbye my love, thought I could make you whole”. The best thing about this song is Flea’s bass solo coupled with Josh’s lead guitar solo which make the song much better.

Rating – 6/10

6.  Sick Love

Another song about the Aussie model – Helena Vestergaard. Seems like Kiedis really loved her – we feel you brother. But the song is alright, nothing special once again. The solos aren’t great either.

Rating – 4/10


7. Go Robot

What a funny name for a song. Flea once again bedazzles on the track and the song is pretty decent. It’s up-tempo, upbeat and Kiedis’ lyrics are sung in a catchy tune. Maybe it’s an ominous sign of things to come with robots and automation slowly taking over. RHCP are sounding the alarms people – The Robots are coming! One other note who the fuck is playing the damn piano!? Ok damn, just read it’s Sir Elton John! What?
Rating – 6/10
8. Feasting on the flowers

Talking about “Expanding realities” and “I do and I don’t, well I do and I don’t, Oh yeah
The next dimension, show me in” This song was written as a tribute to the the untimely death of RHCP’s Hillel Slovak, ex-guitarist of the Chili Peppers, who died from drug overdose in 1988. Fitting goodbye I would say but not such a great track.

Rating  – 5/10

9. Detroit

A nice song. Typifying Detroit -Eminem’s city. Sour, darkish, deeper tone.
“Find me in the suburbs and The shadow of decay Rolling rings of rubber and
The band begins to play” while Kiedis confesses “I’m like Detroit, I’m crazy”
A decent song. But RHCP can definitely make better man, come on. Josh and Flea’s solo towards the end is great.

Rating – 6/10

10. This Ticonderoga

What the fuck is Ticonderoga? and what the fuck is this song? Trashy, grunge like music which is so unlike the Chili Peppers. But there is a twist and it slows down to calm and sooth. “When all I want to be is next to you” well we can all relate to that can’t we. It’s a twisted song. But I think I like it a bit not much. It’s funny and surprising.

Rating – 7/10

11. Encore

What a sweet song man! Another killer one on this album. I highly recommend hearing this one. I really love the lines “Carry on and write a song that says it all and shows it off ‘fore you die. Take a little breath before you catch an early death there is so much sky” Josh does some great work on this. He is really coming into his own replacing Frusciante.
An awesome track.

Rating – 8/10

12.  The Hunter

Starts off with Danger Mouse’s intro along with Josh’s guitar riffs and Kiedis begins slowly “Woke up this morning like I always do, I still like to think that I’m new ” me too Kiedis me too. Another slow RHCP song but a really nice one. The violins, viola and cello on this one are a welcome surprise. A sad number but a melancholic one rather and it’s quite good actually. Flea and Josh deliver on this one again.

Rating – 7/10
13. Dreams of a Samurai

Nice name for a song. Danger Mouse’s synth is great in the beginning. Flea kicks in fantastically but it’s an OK track. Some people like it a lot I guess judging from youtube comments but it’s alright. It’s a samurai anthem but it’s nothing special. Josh’s solo is nice though.

Rating – 6/10

All in all a decent album but RHCP can do so much better. I mean listen to Stadium Arcadium and you know that this is nothing in comparison. Every track on that album was gold! There are some positives like Josh’s work (Goodbye Frusciante and all the best with your solo career you are definitely missed, but Josh is pretty good too) and Flea being well Flea but Kiedis and co. could have conjured up something better.

All in all album rating- 7/10

I’m sick today and down with a viral so off work but RHCP’s album certainly cheered me up.

Here it is, decide for yourself



Cheers all ! 🙂


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