A Day In The Life

I was sick today but I recovered quickly. The rest did me some good. So now onward toward the work and the future!

I think I’ll just write a quick poem because I’m bored..

A Day In The Life

Age Ol’ lust for life we forever seek,
Enchanted love or so to speak,
Hearts filled with plans, forever dreaming,
Longing while awake, wide open scheming,

Further I beguile my dour desire,
All we must do is watch what does transpire,
Here and now is all that doth exist,
Yet hanging on to penchant past in the mist,

What lies over yonder hills of gold?
Past valleys of fauna and shimmering lakes of old,
Blood drenched sun in the pale grey sky,
Incoherent thoughts of times gone by,

Thoughts that pass me on and now,
When I did gently rest her on my brow,
O’er seas of deep blue and brimming tide,
Will I find a place of peace to reside?
Everyday a single prayer,
To return love lost forever,

Life is a funny proposition after all,
The more we seek, the more we fall
At her picture I glance then and now,
From lovers to dust, I ask how?
A glance does ache my heart in sorrow,
For I must live for another tomorrow.

–  Gaurav Krishnan

That was my attempt at writing a poem, I don’t know if it’s good.

Also I really want to visit Ireland, that’s where the picture is from..

Anyway, I made a playlist for today have a listen


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