9:26pm Friday 3rd June 2016 – NUTSHELL

I meditated after I woke up today for 15 mins and it felt great, I’m gonna continue it. I’m Working hard to create my own success story. Yet I find myself in my room on a Friday night just thinking about the good old days and all the amazing people I’ve gotten to know along the way, those that stayed and those that didn’t. All the battles I’ve fought and lost and won. The memories, the thrills, the good times – Damn really something. This song‪ #‎nutshell‬ by Alice In Chains is playing on repeat and I’m just looking back and smiling at everything I think about. Life’s good at this moment, it can be a lot better but that’s just it right you have to be happy where you are, regret little and respect the process of the journey. You can’t do what you’ve always wanted to do just as yet for whatever reason, it’s not time yet, respect that – You’re time will come. The path unfolds its way through the clearing at every turn so keep walking on towards your destiny. Maybe you find what you’re looking for, maybe you achieve your dreams or maybe you don’t – but you better give it your best shot. You’ve got to just enjoy it while it ticks away, every moment. You get by no matter what you think you’re going through or have gone through, that’s a fact. Just be bold, be resolute, have principles and be determined to live to fullest at all times.Respect your beginnings, make peace with your past, recognize the good and bad in you. Improve each day. And look towards the future with hope and excitement. The best is yet to come – just believe that. And ‪#‎keepgoing‬. ‪#‎LifeInANutshell‬



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