It’s 9:16 pm 27th of May 2016 as I sit on my laptop and write this piece. This article is going to be about nothing but my thoughts. I’m just writing for fucks sake to kill some time. I’m not choosing any fancy topic, no tips, no quotes, no bullshit, basically. Just straight up 100% genuine thoughts.

How uncanny are our beliefs? Despite all the evidence to suggest otherwise we cling on to hope liked meandering souls lost in a maze with with no escape. Yes that damned thing, hope, I think as humans we are wired to always believe in better and hope to God for that happy ending. It could be anything but we all have that one thing that we all hope for.

In my case it’s the stereotypical happy ending. You know – get the girl, make her the wife and have kids with a big house and enough money for them and me. I have no clue when that’s going to happen. At this rate it looks more and more unlikely each day. I don’t know which girl would want to marry me, seriously who would?  I’m 25, I’m not successful, I’m living with my parents, I’m an idiotic kid in my behaviour, I’m far from father material. But I still have hope you know. And I know for sure it’s going to happen one day. I mean it has to right? People are getting engaged and married like nobody’s business on my social media feeds. I’m just like – wait what, oh another one? Honestly it’s what I want and all but there is no way in hell I am ready for it just yet. I gotta get my kicks man. I gotta live. I gotta travel. I gotta see what the world has in store for me. I have to become successful. I have to achieve. I have to enjoy to the fullest. Then when I’m done with all the solo stuff then and only then will I settle down.

I mean it’s not like women don’t like me, there are a ton of them that do and if I want I can date somebody just like that you know. But I don’t, I don’t know why. I guess, I want what I had earlier you know, I want to fall in love all over again. I don’t want to settle. I don’t want to take what I can get. I want to fall in love with the girl of my dreams and send a big fuck you to my past and everything that happened in it.

Anyway to the important stuff

Work –  I have to become successful. No matter what. And I know I will, I just have to keep at it. I’ve got a ton of things going on and only God knows how I’m managing them but I am. Just have to become successful – haven’t tasted it yet and dying to. That’s all I’m going to say.

Football – Firstly fuck Manchester United. What a bunch of retarded fans. If there ever was an example of how stupid football fans are just look at Man United fans now. They hated Jose Mourinho for eons and now all of a sudden he’s a God. What the fuck is wrong with them? Typical Man United fans man, idiots! Anyway I hope he self destructs soon again – It will be hilarious to watch.
At Chelsea – Welcome Mr. Antonio Conte,  I don’t know much about the man except that he’s a winner. We need somebody to take Chelsea back to it’s heights man. Can’t wait. He is currently the manager of Italy who I will be watching keenly at Euro 2016. Can’t wait for kick off  – I’ll be supporting Le France and Italy and hoping England get past the quarters. Can’t wait this June is going to be sick!

Music – It’s going great actually, I’m going to do a bunch of pro courses when I get the time on Djing and Production and learn an instrument after all these years. Yeah I’m buying a bass guitar and I’m gonna learn it. I’m kicked about it. Gonna Dj a bit here and there and see if I like it I’ve got tons of material just waiting to be played live. Let’s see if Doof kicks ass behind the turn tables.

There’s not much else really.I want to do so much – but all in due time. I need a fucking vacation this year. Will go on a killer solo trip this year. My sister is leaving for Europe tonight and I told her I’m going to Berlin in September to watch the mighty Radiohead- I hope it happens.

Anyway this piece was for me. So if I wasted your time I’m sorry about that. I will blog about something you like some other time.

Killed time – Yes.

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Enjoy this one, it’s one of my best.





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