I Ain’t Afraid To Die

We spend our whole lives trying to stop death. Eat lesser cholesterol, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do anything risky, don’t do anything that pushes you to the limits, basically. For what? What do you get by trying to prolong your life? Do you think it works?? Sure life is a gift and we must enjoy it and it’s a beautiful thing but the thing is, trying to prevent it is as stupid as thinking that all the shit you do to stop it is actually going to help. It’s not going to make a fucking difference you’re going to die when you are supposed to. Just accept it. Embrace it. It’s the eventuality, it’s the end, the point of no return. Why do you dislike it? It’s going to happen one day. All your loved ones won’t exist anymore too. It’s going to happen. Everyone passes and we move the fuck on. It’s not a huge deal at all, people die, nobody bats an eye about it except for the first few months then you get back to your shit, you feel me.

People are afraid. They are fucking afraid, is all. Paranoid people clinging to everything worldly, so tight that you can hear the sounds of them squealing when you tell them they are going to lose any of their worldly possessions or loved ones. Anything about death just doesn’t go down well, so will this blog post !  But well fuck it, I’m going to write about it anyway.

When I was in school about the 7th grade we went on a scout camp, yeah I was in the scouts(haha!). On that camp somewhere in Madhya Pradesh, India we went to a barren stretch of land where they were testing para sailing, except it was a parachute attached to a jeep. It  wasn’t a boat it was a fucking jeep. And all of us kids with the balls to get ourselves attached to it signed up and boom! You just had St.Mary’s(my school) Boys flying in the sky! Like we always do !

So it was my turn, they strapped me to the parachute and the other harness to the jeep and they said “1,2,3 ready? ” and accelerated, but when it was my turn the weather got ugly, like really windy, extreme conditions, so on the first attempt they accelerated and at about 3 meters in the air, the clip on the right of my chute snapped and I plummeted from about 3 floors in the air,  I hit the ground hard and scraped the hell our of knees. Yeah I crashed on the first attempt, through no fault of my own. So they asked me, “Are you sure you want to do this again?” I said “Yes” Because as a kid as well I had the guts and was always up for extreme risk taking sports.

Anyway on the second attempt, the chute went up the air perfectly, but the weather was really bad, it got really windy. Anyway so I took off and soon I was high up in the air, so high that everything on the ground was microscopic to me. I felt the adrenaline pumping, I loved it ! I started screaming out of delight at everyone on the ground, but they couldn’t hear shit, they were like ants to me. Suddenly, I started to hear a sound, I turned to my right and to my horror it was the same clip, that brought me down the first time, that started to vibrate ferociously! I could see it, it was coming out of it’s groove. Fuck! I looked at it and thought ‘that’s it I’m a goner’, my life flashed before my eyes, every moment up till then of my family and me sharing laughs and joys and all my friends. I prepared my self for the fall, I just froze, I thought it was advisable to not shake too much. So I kept still. I prayed to God and prayed hard, I said , “Please God let it not end this way” then I just looked at the clip and found the the harness attached to it and just thought this is it, I’m tugging on this and hoping it doesn’t snap. I said a small I love you to my parents and sister and friends. It was the most intense few minutes of my life. I pulled at the harness and to my shock, the clip screwed itself in!!! And Immediately I got elevated even higher to a much higher height ! That was it ! I had just escaped death. I looked death right in the eye and said I’m not coming back just as yet. My eyes teared up, even at that height !  I waved madly to the ants below ! I screamed ! my lungs out ! Then the descent started and I slowly approached the ground I was all teary eyed and I had over shot the landing strip by a bout a mile and a half and the jeep had to drive up hill to accommodate my landing. I landed and my life changed forever because I was no longer scared of dying anymore.

I accepted it at that moment. I took it in my stride. I was no longer scared of dying anymore !

Since then I have lived my life on the edge a lot, I have had another near life and death experience which I cannot speak about but I have tested all that life has to offer except skydiving which I badly want to do. But a lesson for everybody is that, don’t be afraid of dying. You have limited time on this planet, make it count! Tell the person you love that you fucking love them. Tell your wife and kids that you would die for them. Do your best and make a bloody difference to this world ! Do your best and fucking kill it !

Death comes one day to us all. As the rapper Coolio says in his song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ “Death ain’t nothing but a heartbeat away” So accept it and embrace it like a friend that is going to find you one day. Live your life to the fullest  ! And don’t be afraid ! Just live fearless! You can overcome all your inhibitions and problems and you can conquer your fears ! Death is just the beginning of something more, another world that you will born into again. So don’t be afraid of it ! Make up to all you have wronged. Make amends. Don’t think too much. Don’t live in regret. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Stop wasting your time and get up and do something !! Be the change you want to see in the world! Breathe deep everyday and make it count !! You’ve got one life, make it the best !! And make sure you go out with a bang !

~This post was inspired by Richard Ashcroft’s song “On A Beach” and based on true life events.

So hit play !!!

Cheers to you all!



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