Slow Down

It’s 2016 and the world is moving at a fast pace as compared to years gone by. Nowadays technology and science are providing breakthroughs every few months and it’s really hard to keep up. For those of us who live in cities, we know all too well how quick things move. From the early morning commute to the grind through the day, we just don’t seem to have to time for anything other than our work.

We live our lives at break neck speed, often neglecting our own well being and health, well at least most of the times. We are so engrossed in our relentless pursuit for money and the comfort it brings to us and our families that we no longer have time for ourselves. Although it is important to work hard, we always tend to over do it, which leads to fatigue, stress, bad health and burn out.

Constant texts, calls, meetings and traveling the lengths of the city leave us with hardly enough time to take a deep breath and relax.

I personally can’t keep on working blindly and I always give time for myself after I’m done with a long days work, which is very important. Your time alone is perhaps the most necessary thing these days and I would advise it to every one.

I have come up with a few tips to prevent stress and burn out –

1) Work in 45 minute periods with 15 minute breaks 

This is something I learned from somebody who advises people on healthy living. By dividing your time into 45 minute periods and small 15 minute breaks you always make sure your mind is relaxed and alert. It prevents over-working, stress and tiredness and honestly makes you more productive. Analyse the activities you do in a day and divide them in 45 minute periods or 30 minute periods depending on your liking. It could be anything like checking and responding to emails, attending client calls, making presentations or meetings it self. Take 15 minute breaks doing nothing either listening to music or just taking deep breaths, and then get back to your next 45 minute work period. Trust me this helps a lot !

2) Avoid arguing with people unnecessarily

This is something that sounds stupid, I know, but honestly it will save you a lot of energy. People tend to get worked up by the smallest things and go on ranting about it. Negative people love to complain and somehow drag you into that black hole of negativity. If anybody you know is going on a rant or complaining a lot just remove yourself from the situation with a polite excuse. You don’t need that kind of negativity around you. It’s such a waste of time and drains you of so much energy.

3) Visit the park or the beach 

Just sit at a park bench or by the ocean and read a book in the evenings, I’ve done that a lot and although you get strange looks from people, just do it, forget about them. I’ve sat by Worli sea face in the evenings or in the garden behind my house with a good book and my ipod and it’s so relaxing.

4) Play a sport once a week 

I love football so  I make sure I play every week but in case you don’t – make it happen. Playing a sport is such a brilliant release of energy, frustration and of course it keeps your body and mind active and fresh. The adrenaline and endorphins released while playing are natural drugs for your body and are great to keep your mind sharp and focused. Get a group, book a ground and make it happen, stop making excuses.

5) Meditate

You have got to do this for at least 15 minutes a day if not half an hour. It’s very calming and very important in today’s world. It helps you connect with your soul and makes you a quieter, calmer and sharper human being. I tend to meditate for 30 mins at a stretch after I’m done with work and it’s the best thing. Sit on the floor, close your eyes and focus on your breath while meditating. Do it !

6) Listen to music and do nothing else

This is the best thing. Everybody ought to do this more often just listen to those amazing tunes and drift away, don’t do anything else not even checking your notifications and laptops. It’s the best.

So I have listed a few things that I do that helps me in being calmer and relaxed all the time. I hope it helps you. Stop living so fast and slow down! You need the’Big Calm’.

Here is a mix I made that should help you feel calm every time you want to wind down.

Hit play !!! It’s definitely worth it 😀

Here is another

Hit follow on mixcloud so that you don’t miss any chill out mixes of mine.

Enjoy ! 🙂




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