What Our Souls Yearn For

When I started my blog, I intended it to be ‘A blog for the soul’ but I have slighlty sidetracked from that and wrote about an array of various topics not exactly adhering to my theme. It’s good in a way, I have covered a lot of interesting topics apart from posting my songs that I love writing so much, but I wanted to get back to writing about the soul.

These days we often get overwhelmed by our crazy, fast paced city life and get immersed in our work apart from giving time to our everyday enjoyment and learning to solve our everyday problems, dealing with the monotony and of course not to forget our hassling daily commute to wherever.  It all really results in a culmination of one giant messy experience. Well calling it a mess might not be the appropriate word per se but you get my point, it’s all rather subjective from person to person but it’s not the most beautiful experience you know. We try our best to make it pleasurable, really I try my best to, but living a breakneck speed city life is not what the soul yearns for!

Let me explain – In sanskrit the word for soul is ‘aatma’ and we i.e our conscious self is called the ‘aatman’. The soul is our life source, the consciousness within that illuminates our body and mind with light and life. We experience our world through our senses and view the majesty and beauty through our eyes. But ask yourself is what you see around you what you really want to see? i.e buildings made of stone, vehicles – starting and stopping, people walking around in a hurry with a blind, thoughtless demeanor with only the thought of how to make the next buck towards their workplaces. Okay maybe children and youngsters going to schools and colleges are definitely a breath of fresh air because they have no worries or commitments but it’s not what we are meant to see around us, or to experience come on! Of course you can learn to appreciate the little things you see around like in India seeing a cow passing the street randomly in the middle of all this confusion and chuckle to yourself or seeing kids playing cricket or football or whatever. It’s really up to us to find happiness in the little things.

Obviously we are born into our current places, cities and towns in some countries or the other around the world and are forcibly thrust into the grind but what we need to do every once in a while is break out of that monotony and routine and connect with our aatma.

Obviously everybody can’t just break out of everything and pull off an ‘Into The Wild’ like  Christopher McCandless(RIP you brave soul) but we can take the edge off by travelling, whether solo or with family or friends.

Another thing I want to mention is this necessity to always travel with people! Honestly, you don’t really need people to travel. Of course it’s a lot of fun travelling with your mates and company’s really great but on the flip side it also really doesn’t let you do what you want or do what your soul truly desires because you have to satisfy everybody and do what everyone wants to do! How many times on a trip has there been conflicting interests of where to go or what to do, you get me right? People don’t realise that being alone or travelling alone is in actuality a very amazing, unique, calm and pleasurable experience. You really get to soul search, re-discover yourself and experience the mystery that the trip has to offer. Whether it’s meeting random people and having a good time with them(trust me I’ve done this loads of times and it’s great) or it’s climbing to the top of a hill or trekking up a mountain and viewing the breathtaking view by yourself! Then theres the hitch-hiking and sitting at random cafes and bars and just soaking everything in. It’s a humbling experience, of course you might get a bit lonely but once you learn to have fun by yourself you are good to go.

Nowadays being alone, eating alone at a restaurant( I mean the point is the food and satisfying hunger, right!) or travelling alone or doing anything alone for that matter, in the eyes of other people is blasphemy! Being a lone wolf on your own and doing what you feel like immediately results in people giving you tags like ‘loner’, ‘loser’, ‘weirdo’ etc. I don’t get why really, being alone and doing things alone is such a beautiful thing ! I for one love spending time by myself and would recommend it to everyone. Look in this world you come alone and the most time you’re going to spend is with yourself so you should learn to enjoy it and love it ! It’s like the lyrics of that Tame Impala song which says “Space around me where my soul can breathe, I’ve got body that my mind can leave, Nothing else matters, I don’t care what I miss, Company is okay, solitude is bliss!” It really is bliss.

What our soul years for is highly subjective but I have listed a few things all our souls long for and here they are –

  1. Experience
    “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” – Paulo Coelho


    Our souls long for new experiences. We as human beings crave new beginnings and new adventures. We need to new experiences to live well. Experience is the key to a fulfilling life. The moments you spend experiencing new things whether places, cultures, traditions, spirituality, food, drink, pleasure etc. are probably the best way you are going to learn and grow as an individual, instead of numbing yourself with the banal trials of everyday life. Your senses need to be replenished with a fresh wave of new experiences every once in a while to refresh them and you need to learn to get out of your comfort zone and explore those new possibilities. Spend money on experiences rather than on things! There are a vast multitude of new experiences just waiting for you out there in the world and it’s all up to you to be brave enough to search of them.

  2. Peace

    buddha peace

    Perhaps the most important thing for our souls is peace. Now I’m not talking about peace on earth, obviously ; I’m talking about inner peace and achieving a connection with your soul that ebbs with exuberances of peaceful visceral vibrations to your brain and body despite what your surroundings are like. We must all look for peace within and go inward rather than look for it outwards. Achieving peace within is easier said than done and nothing other than meditation can help realise this. The more time you spend with yourself and meditate the more peaceful you are going to feel. A trick to meditation to prevent your mind from wandering is to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Feel each breath, enter into your lungs when you inhale and leave your body as you exhale and focus your mind on it to quieten the noise of your thoughts. Of course being in calm surroundings helps, especially if you are at a scenic location. Even if you are not somewhere beside a lake or whatever and and are in your room you can still feel at peace. So I urge all of you reading this to meditate for at least 15 minutes a day and trust me you will feel much more in tune with your senses and feel much more at peace, plus it’s great to take the edge off after a busy day or if you can wake up early and meditate, theres nothing like it!

  3. Tuning in to your surroundings

    Our souls just love to tune into our surroundings. We should admire the majestic beauty of nature and marvel at natural sceneries as much as possible. Take a trip to a lake, go and sit by a river or relax at a beach or hike up the hills and mountains in your country and you will feel much more in tune with your soul.

  4. Love
    Our souls want to be loved by another. We spend our whole lives searching for love from another person, but what we don’t realise is that love exists in other forms as well such as love from parents, or a pet or even from friends. However of course true love from a partner in life is what we crave the most. It’s what we need as well. I saw a TED talk about a study they conducted at Harvard where they studied 60 people from the time they were born to the time they died and after the entire study they found that the one’s with healthier relationships were happier, healthier and lived longer than the ones without meaningful relationships. The key to a healthy, happy life is your relationships. So go out and find a meaningful one.

    Nowadays though real romance and love has disappeared. People these days are on dating apps like Tinder and brag about the number the women/men they have slept with like it’s some sort of a game or something. The real love from another person, i.e connecting with another soul in not just a physical way; is worth so much more than just lust but people don’t get that and just want the quick fix. To have somebody by your side through all that you experience and to guide and love you is perhaps the most beautiful thing about life and it makes you feel much more complete. Yet unfortunately we’re in a world today where these things are hard to find and as much as I hate to admit it I find myself confused about what to do about it as well. I hate Tinder and these useless dating apps but I have used it as well and nothing works out long term, it’s just the mentality really. So anyway we’ll figure it out I guess so the hope is still there. Find real love.

  5.  Freedom

    be free

    Perhaps the most important thing for our souls is to be free. I’m talking about feeling free from within to excel and do whatever your heart desires without any inhibitions or fears or judgments. Also obviously it’s the basic freedom of not being behind bars or within confinement. The moment when your basic freedom is taken from you is when you realise it’s true value, I have been arrested and been behind bars for days and trust me there is nothing worse than that! We often take our basic freedom for granted and we should all learn to value it the most. But that aside, bascially do what the picture says and ‘Be Free’ and let go of all your worries, problems and feel your soul joyusly proclaim it’s freedom!

    Do what your soul yearns for and don’t get lost in the monotony and maya(worldly pleasures) or the suffering.

    Take care everybody.

    Have a blessed day 🙂






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