My Fears About Donald Trump Becoming President of America

I am copying a facebook comment and post about my fears of the very highly probabble event of Donald Trump becoming the President of America. Please read it and tell me if my fears are justified or too over the top. This is something I have to put out there i.e on the internet as I am a concerned global citizen of such a man being elected as a world leader. I doubt his capabilities and I am afraid of his coming to power for the sake of humanity and all things good.

I just hope blood of innocent people is not spilled in America or outside because of this pathetic excuse of a human being.

Have a read.

“People of social media. If you know me as a person you would know that I am a peaceful, fun loving, kind soul who doesn’t worry too much about things. Or if you have seen my comic videos would get the impression that I am a jovial sort of person and I am. But this is the first time I am voicing my concern about something. And it is the highly probable event of Donald Trump becoming the President of America. I just posted this as comment on a friends post. Just have a read and tell me if my fears are justified and correct or something too over the top. Please let me know because I am genuinely concerned about this man becoming a President of a powerful nation like America.

That’s true sir, I perhaps over exaggerated trump’s effect on the rest of the world. but with such a human being anything can happen and we must all be cautious in handling him. What scares me is specifically the power to wage war on any nation and Trump being so anti-colour or anti-immigrants, any sort of agitation in America as a result of his appointment or any other reason could result in either a war on say a Mexico or any such nation or a civil uprising in America itself. The bad blood, hostility and hate for trump is well documented and is only going to increase in America amongst the immigrant population especially if he gets elected. He could even take harmful action against peaceful protesters deploying armed riot-control troops who will take them down without remorse. God knows how he will battle terror!? or worse he maybe may even aid it(as so many conspiracy theories or perhaps truths suggest) He could even create the next ISIS! Who knows! And we certainly don’t need one more such terrorist entity. Trump deploying troops to nullify Russia in Syria or any such decision could all go horribly wrong and waste the lives of brave soldiers and result in a giant mess for the rest of the world to clean up. Or perhaps him meddling in the Israel/Palestine area are all possibilities. His proclamations of “let’s take the oil” and other thoughtless words leave me with fear – if he wages a war for oil in an Iran/Iraq or Saudi etc it would be a nightmare. In such a delicate a precariously placed world we live in where even the slightest incident, agitation somewhere in the world or a wrong decision from someone like him could result in a butterfly effect of catastrophic events unfolding- it’s a given to be afraid of his coming to power. His open and idiotic love for guns and violence show what kind of a human being he is. i.e someone who blatantly disregards value of human life. Legal/illegal possession of guns cause so many deaths in America it’s not even funny. We’ve all seen the news about school children etc’s lives being taken by some trigger happy nut with a gun. How will this person stop that?? He wont think twice about killing innocent lives. Having him in the white house is going to be a scary prospect. I agree with you when you say we have seen worse and it will all be fine. But sir with such a human being anything is possible and I for one am totally against his appointment as the President of a country like America (one with so much power) Ofcourse I am only speculating and I don’t mean to paint such a terrible picture but with such a man in power of such a country- it is scary. Anyway only time will tell. I hope and pray that sense prevails and Hilary wins and gets appointed. I hope you are right and all will turn out fine. But what can we do? if God forbid I am right and something really bad happens?? what can we do? other than just sit back and watch. we are helpless! God help America and God help us :/

If you agree with me please tell me that, or  if you disagree please let me know as well. Are my fears justified? Will everything turn out alright? Am I just over-exaggerating? What do you people think? Especially my beloved American friends and readers. Do comment and share if you feel I am correct. Or tell me if I am wrong. I would want to know what you people think!

I leave you with an ancient Hindu hym or mantra called the Gayatri mantra which we Hindu’s chant to create a peaceful environment and blessed atmosphere around us wherever we are.

OM bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥtát savitúr váreṇyaṃ bhárgo devásya dhīmahidhíyo yó naḥ prachodayat

Meaning -> Unveil, O Thou who givest sustenance to the Universe, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, that face of the True Sun now hidden by a vase of golden light, that we may see the truth and do our whole duty on our journey to thy sacred sea.

I hope Hilary Clinton despite all her shortcomings becomes the President, since there is much more sense and compassion(being a woman) in her and I do not doubt that America and the world will be a better place if she occupies the White House.And God willing this man doesn’t come into power so that peace shall prevail and the world becomes a better place.

Only time will tell so let us wait and watch. America this is a IQ test for you! and the rest of the world is watching. I hope common sense and the greater good prevails before things get really bad and my fears become a reality. I urge all you voters to “Stop Trump” and not vote for him before it is too late.

May God watch over us and bless us all !

Cheers! Have a great and peaceful weekend ! 🙂


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