Beats From The Heart Of Mumbai (Re-work)

Hello all you wonderful people. When it comes to BOMBEATS, the story is rolling on!
I have some good and bad news, so here’s the bad news first, unfortunately since ALL the artists on our VA bandcamp albums didn’t give us permisssion to use their tracks and they kind of got a bit cheezed off that I had used their tracks on our VAs when they got wind of it. So we had to take our bandcamp albums down since a few of the labels issued us with copyright notices 😦

Let me just say I had no intention of pissing anybody off, I just wanted to share their music since it was so damn good! And ofcourse we wanted to take our share of the spoils because it’s some bit of working compiling VA’s we’re not doing shit for free man cmon! Also we had a plan to pay off the artsits a cut of sales but that communication got no response as well. Plus theses artists are relatively underground and unknown I mean c’mon we’re not talking about Drake or Adele or Radiohead here! And by using their tracks and promoting and marketing them I was doing them a favour, think about it.

I know it wasn’t the right thing to do but hell I’m on a mission to introduce the world and our great country India to this Chill Hop Movement! or rather start a Chill Hop movement in India! 🙂

But unfortunately they did not see that angle and told us to take it down. In some cases we even sent those artists emails asking to use their music but they did not respond and their tracks were too good to not use on the album! You feel me?

So here is our formal apology-> “We’re sorry all you hard working, amazing artists. We only meant good. Forgive us, we are new to the game.” -Signed BOMBEATS

The labels that contacted us, and us at BOMBEATS have reconciled our differences and they have wished us the very best and we have also done the same. In fact we have even asked them to let us know if they would like their artists to perform in India, let’s see how that works out!

Anyway, the good news is we are working on brand new VAs and yes we are taking ALL the artists permissions on this one! So there won’t be any issues. And our bandcamp page will be back!! So #StayTuned

In the mean time though the real good news is that our youtube channel is gaining popularity and we have 700+ subscribers and 34,000+ views! So yes we aim to reach a wider audience and create better mixtapes and albums! Spread the good vibes you know 🙂

As a record label though we don’t have the funding to sign the artists we want but if all my business ventures go off well, I might just have surplus to pump into BOMBEATS! And the record label will come into fully functional life !

Here is our latest mixtape! It’s the album that got taken down from Bandcamp! Have a listen people! Tune into some “Midnight Jazz”

Despite the issues we are marching on! So listen and subscribe!

Subscribe here–>

And like us on facebook ! We need your support–>

Have a great week all of you!

Cheers! 🙂


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