Top 10 Folk Rock Albums Of All Time

I enjoy folk rock as well apart from rock n roll, it’s calmer and it’s melancholic. These solo artists paint pictures with their vivid story telling through their songs.

These artists were truly gifted geniuses who made folk rock one of the most listened to genres of music. These artists sang of tales filled with melancholy, love, mystery and grandeur.

Personally folk rock is something so enjoyable because for me it’s takes me back to the medeival times of kings, queens, knights and fair maidens. That’s the vibe I get when I listen to old folk music.A notable absentee is Johny Cash but then again his work was more country and country rock.

Anyway here is my top 10 folk albums of all time – Have a listen.

10. Fairport Convention – Leige & Leif

This one is a great album. Taking you back to medievel times haha. With it’s crisp tunes and great vocals this one is a timeless album. With great tracks like ” Come All Ye”, “Farewell, Farewell” an “The Deserter”. This one is a must listen to get you back to olden times and with it’s slightly more rockish instrumentals makes one killer album.

9. Donovan – Sunshine Superman

I really like Donovan, he was an extremely talented guitaritst and singer. Donovan delighted with great lyrics and great music to go with it. He was really popular in Europe and made some classic albums. However, this one is my favourite album of his. Crisp guitaring and a more rockish vibe to it. Every track is great but the title track “Sunshine Superman” is my favourite! Check it out

8. Tom Paxton – Ramblin Boy

Tom Paxton was an ultra classic american folk singer. He hardly made many albums but this one is a classic peice of art. The guitaring is delightful and his voice is fantastic.
My favourite track though is “The Last Thing On My Mind” which tells the story of what should have been said to his love before she left andI relate to it a lot.
Another great album and one I had include on this list.

7. Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A Changing 

How can you not love Bob Dylan? He was by far the most influential folk aritsts of our time. He features twice on this list. So here is his first entry – The Times They Are A
Changing. I just love the title track of this album and Bob Dylan absolutely nails it with this prophetic track. Here is the album !
Unfortunately the title track isnt on the playlist so I’ll attach it separately.

6. The Pentangle – The Pentangle

This super folk group was certainly one of the best there ever was. Their debut album is a folk classic-The Pentangle was the 1968 debut album of the band Pentangle: Terry Cox, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn and Danny Thompson. It brought together their separate influences of folk, jazz, blues, early music and contemporary song-writing.
A great album and one that I love, sadly the pentangle separated to pursue their solo careers. Here is the timeless classic with some mezmerizing guitaring.

5. Neil Young – Harvest

I admire  Neil Young because he was one of the best there ever was. His epic album “Harvest” comes at number 5 on this list. With amazing tracks like the title track “Harvest”, “Alabama” and of course the hit “Heart Of Gold” which is a favourite of mine. This is one folk rock album for the ages. Neil Young at his best with amazing lyrics and even better guitaring. Here it is


4. Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited

Dylan is back on the list, honestly he made so many albums but this one was the best according to me. Highway 61 is an epic album with perhaps his most well known song “Like a rolling Stone”. Dylan is by far the most iconic artists of all time and this album is by far the most musically inspiring album of all his work. Unfortunately some tracks are blocked due to copyright claims but here is the playlist none the less.

3. Tim Buckley – Blue Afternoon 

Tim Buckely is one of the most under-rated folk artists but one who was awe inspiring. His album Blue Afternoon is a classic that contains some amazing work. All his albums are nothing short of magical but this one is my favourite. The first track “Happy Time” is one of my favourite folk songs of all time. Melancholic and beautiful this album is a sheer beaut. Every track is simply magical and thrills you with his melancholic voice.
If you haven’t heard his music – What are you waiting for? Have a listen and enjoy!

2. Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left 

One of the most unheard and under-rated folk artists of all time Nick Drake comes in at number two. I love his music and although he did not get as much recognition in his time, after death his music lives on and captivates the imagination of all listeners. “Five Leaves Left” is perhaps one of the greatest folk albums of all time. The tracks are all just unbeilievable but my favourite is “Day Is Done”.  Have a listen to this one – one for the ages!

1. Bert Jansch – Bert Jansch

Number one is my favourite folk artist of all time Bert Jansch who was a guitaring genius and an amazingly talented song writer. This album man, I have heard it so many times it’s not even funny but each time I do – I fall in love with it even more. All his albums are top notch stuff but his debut album is by far the best. He featured in The Pentangle but his solo work really sets him apart from the rest. “Running From Home”, “Oh How Your Love Is Strong” and the epic “The Needle Of Death”/ and “Dreams of Love”are my favourite tracks on the album but the whole thing is a sheer masterpeice. If your haven’t heard it you are missing out on one unbelievable album. Don’t worry I have just introduced you to one of the greatest folk artists there ever was.

I hope you enjoy my picks!

Have an amazing weekend 🙂


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