Massive Respect – To Mothers and Fathers Everywhere

Firsly let me say that I have massive amount of respect for mothers everywhere. As a young single guy I have no clue what it’s like to be a parent. In fact it scares the crap out of me – I mean I’ve done some stupid stuff as a young teenager and young adult. You know got high with my mates, partied at raves, tried drugs, got piss drunk. Anyway I wont paint an ugly picture but I want to shout out to all the mothers out there raising children – It’s magical really what you’ll are doing! How do you manage a business and manage kids!?

I mean for me managing my business and my employees are hard enough, imagine what it would be like if I had to raise a couple of kids ! Would I be a right role model for my future kids? Would i be doing enough to provide for them and make them enjoy a comfortable life? It scares me honestly.

Sure I would be a cool Dad and all that but thats not good enough. I’m starting to think about kids and responsibility and stuff – Dear God, I’m growing old!

Anyway I want to shout out to my awesome Mum whom I would be nothing without – The person that gave birth to me! In India we say Aai baba chi aashirvad(marathi) – Mom and Dad’s gift and blessing. I’m lucky to have such awesome parents.

And I would encourage all my readers out there to love their parents a little more -You know we grow up and forget they’re getting old – Love them they deserve it for everything they have given you. My parents are out of town this week and I’m enjoying myself and all that but I miss them. They’re on a deserved break – Cheers Mom and Dad!

Anyway I have massive respect for parents everywhere who are running companies and families at the same time. I aspire to be like you guys one day and raise an amazing family – If the right woman comes along that is!

I can never understand why women shout out for equality and stuff – They are far superior in every way.

Just a kid with a dream here and I want to shout out to all mom’s everywhere – you guys are doing a fantastic job!

Cooking, cleaning, parenting, working, playing.. how do you people do all that????

I would love to learn these things as I grow up into an adult.

It just fascinates me how you’ll work and raise kids!

Pat yourself on the back all you super-moms! sip some wine and cook that fantastic meal for your kids!

You’ll are golden

Take care all.

Much love.




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