You Are As Young As You Want To Be

The older crowd are surely going to like this post, just saying. A string of holidays are upon us so everybody is canceling meetings and looking forward to spending time with their loved ones. It’s Holi and Good friday followed by the weekend. Haha sweet.

Where do I start – You are as young as you want to be, age is just a number- it varies from person to person. When you’re younger, you’re in a hurry to grow up but once you hit your twenties is the time when you decide to become a boring adult. To each his own – Most of my friends tell me I’m still a kid, so do my parents – that young, brashness, arrogance and childlike joking nature hasn’t gone from my behaviour.

Firstly, if you ask me – I love the way I am. I am in no hurry to grow up and take up responsibilities – you know wife, kids, financial burdens- I cannot deal with that shit just as yet. Sure, I’m running my own business but that’s about as responsible I get. I’m an old soul but young at heart. It’s a paradox really – I enjoy just chilling by myself to some nice music and a glass of scotch on sundays, I read spiritual books to understand the answers to life’s questions(the bhagwad gita) and I’m always learning new philosophies by sages – old ones and new ones about how to lead your life and the path to follow to rid yourself of suffering.

Then again some days I want to go out and party ! Like a 19 year old, not get hammered those days are behind me, haha I remember this one time in college 5 of us drank 12 cans of Carlsberg Elephant strong beer and ended up falling in a bush and injuring ourselves. Then there were the “blind” drunk days in Goa! Lots of shenanigans man, some of those stories were just too funny! Haha! Those were the glory days when we could actually consume that much but nowadyas I wanna chill out you know, A nice techno gig or at my favourite bars in Bombay- classic rock n roll and blues playing. I enjoy just chilling out you know. But unfortunately I cannot drink because of health reasons so I stick to a pint or some diet coke.

Why would you want to grow up!? I mean you’re 27,28 and you start acting like you’re fucking 35-40. If you ask me – growing up is probably the dumbest thing you could do.
Remember the good old days when you were 18-19? Instead of prolonging that till say 28-29 you decided to act like a 40 year old and where did that get you? You alienated yourself, had lesser fun, became a boring house-wife or husband and then what? Man once you get kids – I mean it’s a beautiful thing and all but they are hell to manage! I love kids – I work with a lot of them as a football coach on weekends – they’re great but trust me the trouble makers are a nightmare! I’m not ready to be a parent at all, it’s a lot of work. If you thought running a company was difficult try raising 3 kids! Mom’s reading this will agree with me!

I’m dreading that man, I do not want to settle down at all. I’m fine living by my self, maybe I can find a girl eventually who will make me settle down but I want my own freedom and I want to travel a lot and do epic, stupid shit! Haha.

Live free, listen to your inner young self and get out of your boring 40 year old monotony. Go get piss drunk with a few friends! Hangover remedy – lots of water and lemonade. Or if you’re married then take her out and get fucking smashed, it’ll be a lot of fun plus you’ll have a story to talk about later!

I wanna find someone I can roll with man, that would be really nice. And only if we date and stick for 8 years together will I think of marrying her. I haven’t lasted 2 years without a break up. Haha maybe it’s just me, but I need to get my kicks and have my fun – my way.

It’s all in your head , the younger you act and behave – the younger you look, feel and age. You are subconciously tricking the aging process. Sure you might be 50 now, but if you want to live longer – go run, play football, hike, camp, excercise is great for combating aging. I mean do you really want to be a 50-60 year old with health issues ? Go on a diet and Get fit – now!
Drink lots of green tea, do crunches and push ups, or play a sport! Golf is barely a sport- my uncle plays and tried to teach me -Its so fucking boring man! You swing and then get driven around the course talking BS with your mates! Be a man – play a contact sport at least you wuss!

Meditate a lot, do some yoga -that’s some really killer anti-aging stuff! I get my kicks with football so I’m good .  The skill, the strategy, the off the ball movement – the adrenaline, the dopamine, it’s the beautiful game and I love playing.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is if you want to stay young – stop acting old – and start acting young – Fake it till you make it! Personally – I’m sick of people telling me to act  my age when there’s no real “way” to act at any age! Fucking bollocks!

Stay young, stay foolish and make more memories doing stupid shit than being an old boring as piss adult!

Here are some tips off a fitness magazine-

  1. Give yourself a break. Recent studies show that stress causes physical changes in the body that can accelerate aging. …
  2. Consume more fat. The healthy kind, that is. …
  3. Get off the couch. …
  4. Feel the love. …
  5. Drink red wine. …
  6. Do yoga. …
  7. Bite into a superfruit. …
  8. Sip green tea.

Have a great week.


Here is a track – my young teen self into punk rock used to love back in the day

Stay 20 something!

Play this !

Here is a book, I haven’t read it because I don’t need it but yeah it’s for you old peeps!


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