Stay Above The Bullshit!

I got a tattoo last year which signifies a lot – There are two snakes intertwined around my hand which signify the dual nature of  my personality, the good side and the bad side, accordingly one snake is facing the sun(good) and one snake is facing the moon(bad). There is a Trishul(ancient weapon) around which the snakes intertwine, which is basically the weapon of choice of Lord Shiva, my God and the destroyer of evil.

But below, right at the base of the Trishul is a pair of eagle wings, I put them there specifically to remind me every time I experience the bullshit that life throws at me to be like those pair of eagle wings, keep my head held high and be above it. The eagle is a majestic creature that I am extremely fascinated with- always flying alone, the highest in the sky, looking down at everything else. The eagle with its keen eyes symbolizes perspicacity, courage, strength and immortality, but is also considered “king of the skies” and messenger of the highest Gods. With these attributed qualities the eagle became a symbol of power and strength in Ancient Rome.

Whenever life throws it’s unwanted, unplanned situations at you – You have to be like an eagle and stay above it – What I mean is not let it affect you. You see life is a test – I never believed in God as a kid and a teenager but I went through a series of unfortunate events which made me turn to the almighty. And in case you don’t believe in God all I’m going to say is – Look at everything around you, look how complex and intricate life is, not just human but plants, fishes, animals. It could not have possibly come out of nothing! There’s no way you’re telling me that we just evolved from nothing, from chemical compounds – BS! My theory is we and our world was designed by a race of higher intelligence which we call God. If you still don’t believe in them lets see what happens when the plane starts falling! You can read about my answers of 3 of life’s most pondered questions here – The Eternal Dilemma – part 1

Anyway, Shit happens alright. Life makes you go through hell just to see if you can take it. So fucking hell – take it. Stop complaining about how shitty your life is or how bad things are for you at the moment because you could easily have been born into a poor family in a third world country and deprived of food, shelter and clothing – starving and begging on the streets. Think about it – It’s just by chance that you are not in those shoes or actually it’s because of your karma – You can check out my break down of how karma works here – Breaking down Karma

You need to realise that whether you’re broke or you lost a lot of money, whether you just got robbed or your house burned to the ground, or whether you have been dumped, or you got fired, or you’re dealing with absolute idiots at work, whether your being bullied or ridiculed, or your car got hit by another, or your ex got married to some douche- that life is not over. It’s not the end of the world. You have to take all that bullshit with a big smile on your face and a big fuck you to the people that caused all of it. Smile a lot, smile at it!  I grin at all the nonsense because it’s fucking nothing!

I have been through a nightmare – What I have gone through cannot be told to people so I can’t write about it here( It’s going to be in my book). It’s not your average bullshit. Only POW ‘s go through that.

I cannot elaborate on it – Let’s just leave it there. Another incident when I was travelling by myself in Kerala was being attacked by some local thugs with sickles – I thought I was going to die that day but escaped after giving them all my belongings – all my money and my phone. It’s been weird really – but I look back on it with a grin and a devilish smile. I fucking took it. I took it like a fucking man. I went through hell and back and I live to fight another day.

I went through all of it – I broke down that day – But I got back up on my feet. I’m back to kick some serious ass like fucking Bruce Wayne getting out of that hole that Bane threw him in 🙂

Its a test of endurance -You have to endure it all. Be fucking strong man C’mon because you can take it, I know you can!

So my point is – You cannot let them win. You cannot let the bullshit get to you and break you down. Be strong , even if it’s the only choice you have. Sometimes – Life is testing you to see if you can take it. So don’t let the nonsense overshadow the brightness and the positivity inside you. Don’t get drowned in all the misery and suffering, be above it and endure it, attack your problems – like grabbing a bull by it’s horns.

We all go through our fair share of suffering alright – There is no oh yours is bad but mine is worse- Sometimes it’s not our fault, it just happens.
What can you do? You’ve got two choices-You sit there and complain to everybody and succumb to it (Be Weak) or You accept it, take it positively(Be strong) and take action towards changing your predicament.

Don’t get sucked in by those negative people that only want to talk about their problems- you don’t need that shit around you, keep it positive, always.

Remember whatever life throws at you, once you take it and overcome it – theres a hundred better things that are just waiting to happen!

Don’t let the light inside you burn out. Keep your head held high and above the clouds at all times.

Don’t let them win.

Keep Believing.

Live Strong.

Be Hard.

And Keep Going.

As promised here is the track – “Gotta Be Above It” By Tame Impala

And here is a book  ” A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey

Take care all of you.

Have a great week.



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