Love Is Just Another Word For Another Experience

So you’re in love eh? Let me guess you found the girl of your dreams you asked her out and you dated her- now it’s time for you to ask her to marry you. So you got married and are living together now and the next step is kids and a family. Wow -guess what you just did -nothing out of the ordinary – you just did what is the regular course of every single person.

You’re 27 and you’re married. And now you’re going to settle down. What? That’s it you just threw away all that life has to offer ! For a life you should be living in your 40s! Yes you idiots you got married so early and burdened yourself with so many responsibilities instead of living your life to the fullest! Sorry but that’s not the smartest thing you did at all.

I fell in love too man – It was fucking fantastic – The best feeling in the world – Better than drugs- well not always but yeah it was great! I met her in Europe on an exchange program and we liked each other throughout the trip and I asked her out, outside a nightclub in Belgium and she said no at first but after a week of travelling across France which was the next destination – We made it official in Paris ! Yeah that’s fucking right the city of love. It was perfect – I couldn’t have asked for a better girl or a better experience. Look at our picture under the eiffel tower- Look how much in love we were. Anyway, we had a magical night in Paris and I wished that first date wouldn’t end.

We dated for a couple of more years and I would go see her in her city of Bangalore making trips every month or two with money I got after selling drugs(haha) and we chilled like bosses, everywhere we went, we got high, we drove around the city parked it at spots and just made out for hours – Life was perfect and complete – It was fucking fantastic. It was an experience man, a fucking amazing one. I wanted to take her to Goa – drop acid probably, chill on some grams of cocaine while I Djed on Baga beach. I wanted to take her back to Europe and all the places we visited – drink a shit load of beer and wine and take funny random photographs with strangers – damn we hardly took any together. I wanted to ask her to marry me under the Eiffel Tower the same place we hooked up all those years ago! It was the master plan – It was perfect. Except it didn’t happen – It ended – Mostly because I got fed up with the restraint and the mindfuck – We wanted different things.

I wanted to explore – a lot , I wanted to live free and without care, I didn’t want to get tied down – I wanted to explore psychedelics and test the boundaries of reality – which I did. I was stoned for 3 years straight- every single day. I got up, I got high, I took a shit only after a bong hit. I was averaging 50 bong hits a day. Hey I enjoyed that lifestyle. I dropped acid once every month. I popped 85 mushrooms in Kodaikanal – It was fucking majestic man! Wow like hell, I remember all the good trips so fondly. Have you seen mountains melt right before your very eyes? Have you seen a building move like a mozaic puzzle right in front of you? Acid is fucking amazing man – It’s just distorted reality. I was at raves on Anjuna Beach, 9 bar Vagator, Hill Top listening to some dark psychedelic music. I was in a blaze travelling around India in a Tea Daze.

After all my trips I realised that life is just one giant illusion experienced through the senses. The world is a designed sphere probably by a higher intelligence. Maybe I’m wrong but this is just my theory. I’ve been alone travelling on a blots in a jungle and meditating under trees to focus the energy at the center of my pituatary gland(the third eye) and have literally watched as the world in front of me change colours, sizes, move and it was fucking beautiful – To test reality like that- To experiment – It was another world of an experience. I could fuck with the stars, things would move around like jelly, I would see flashes of colours – grass would turn purple, blue and red. How many of you have even had to balls to experience that? Wow I miss that shit. Hey don’t be scared – It’s a LOT of fun. And nothing the fuck happens to you -your body can take it all in. But I can’t do that stuff anymore. Now it’s all about my company and becoming successful.

Anyway I digress – It was beautiful and all but you can’t keep living on that stuff – Too much is bad for you.  Anyway things got bad for me after my folks got to know – But I survived all the hellish shit. And now I’m back! Anyway it’s all going to be in my book “Unbeatable” – wait for it!

Anyway my girl -She couldn’t cut it – She didn’t have the guts to do that stuff with me, damn it would have been so perfect if she did. But it’s ok we went our separate ways. I haven’t heard from that girl in 4 years and I honestly don’t give a shit now. She just someone who I had a killer vibe with but who never committed to me fully. She wasn’t the one for me at all. Just another person I loved, that’s all.

My point is you need to experience all that life has to offer – You need to push yourself and experience everything once. I mean c’mon you pussy try everything – you’re here once. Might as well right. I mean we can just exist and follow rules and settle down and all that but what about the other side(Break On Through man) Live free, travel, experience.

Look life is this one gift you have ok – You can either conform to what society expects of you or you can live on your own terms – By your own rules , explore, soul search, visit exotic places, monasteries-share your experiences with the monks, learn from them and visit beaches pull some nice Charas in a Chillum, Sip a fucking cocktail Dj your own music at Ibiza(I have a hook up for that and I Dj). Hell, I’m going to live it the fuck up! I won’t look back on anything. I don’t regret anything.

Ok I did fuck it up with her and I fucked up on love. But what is love? It’s just another word for an experience. You feel me. It’s just another experience you share with somebody. I want adventure man! I don’t want love just once I want it multiple times! Fuck wouldn’t that be grand. I want somebody I can run with you know, who will sort me out because I’m a bit of a wild one, you know classic bad-ass – I want someone who vibes with me and wants a lot of fun and wants to travel and unravel at the same time. I want to get drunk with strangers, visit music festivals, sail on a ship, kayak down a river, climb a mountain, sip some whiskey at the top – plant a flag. I want to live it the fuck up – I don’t need material things. I’m going to do all this stuff  – So I’m just working towards that.

Anyway what I ‘m saying is I could have been stuck with her and living a boring life of order and discipline listening to the same shit probably produced a lot of kids- but instead I know what I want, I want that uncertainty, I want that living on the edge feeling, I want the good life but I want it on my own terms. If I can’t find the perfect girl – I’ll just live by myself mr.solo dolo as always. I mean look at all these girls out there man – Wanting clothes and shoes and makeup and jewellery, Fuck that! I want a girl who doesn’t give two shits about the glam and fame and society and fancy kitty parties and social events- yuck – You know the usual women you get. They’re like beautiful angels on a conveyer belt but with no brains. Sure she’s gotta be beautiful and will sort me out and compel me to settle down- And I would like that eventually like in my 40s. I don’t want to grow up man! I am in no hurry to grow up and I’m certainly not going to compromise on living on foreign lands, experiencing life and just chilling the fuck out you know. I’m prolonging my 20s for as long as possible -I’m only 25 ! Till I’m 40 I’m gonna chill! Just like a 25 year old. You know party it up!

Love is beautiful – But it’s not everything. Those people screaming All you need is love is such bullshit – c’mon. Experience man, that is everything! That is what I live for and love is just one of them. I don’t want those boring as socials and parties. I want a private party on a beach where I’m Djing my epic sets where I’ll pull some lines and sip some champagne.

I’ll do what the fuck I want. Hells yeah!  Thank you very much.

Anyway my life is going to be epic for sure and I’m not going to get bored settling down! No way in hell that is happening!

Work hard – Make a shitload of money so you can vacation whenever the fuck you want wherever the fuck you want and live on your own terms without worries. Work hard now instead of slaving 9-5 start a business and see how that goes, build it over the span of 10-15 years and then just sit back and enjoy!

Anyway if you want to experience life Gaurav Krishnan style- give me a fucking call – you will not regret it. It will be fucking epic!

Live free man!  Chill the fuck out! and enjoy, party it up!

It’s better to burn out than fade away.

Here is my dj set, blast it!


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