It’s Monday 21st of March 2016 and I’m just fixing my meetings for the busy week ahead, there’s lots to do and not enough time. I like to always plan and strategize things so every meeting is at the right time depending on how we are placed. I found half an hour to write this piece.

Essentially life is all about becoming who you are – the best version of yourself. It’s a roller coaster journey that leads you down many paths depending on the choices you make.
And if we don’t get lost in the trivial desires that our mind so often thinks about – and see the bigger picture – improving everyday and becoming the best human being possible while staying true to who you are and not getting lost in the samsara (buddishm for suffering) we can really conquer ourselves and our minds and achieve what we are truly capable of i.e excellence.

There’s an interesting speech by Steve Jobs that I came across while I was in college – “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” in that he basically touched on a very interesting concept – he said that you just have to just believe everything that you do is inter-linked and leads you to the next step – let me explain – for example, you’re interested in something and take
a course on it or read a book – it’s all connected to what you will do later on. You have to just “connect the dots” is what he said. Every single thing you read and do is a means of helping you figure out the next step.

Interests are the core of who we are. Every thing you are interested and find intriguing is your soul’s way of echoing who you are.  It’s no accident – your interests and passions are the guiding beacons towards your ultimate purpose.  Find what you are interested in and passionate about, educate yourself in that area and take steps to excel in those areas of interest. Play to your strengths, always and analyse your weaknesses. Do a SWOT analysis on yourself.

Now obviously things are not going to happen by itself – you have to take action. Action is the key to achievement. You can think all you want but if you don’t act on it – it’s just a waste of time. I met a very interesting person named Janet Bray Attwood in 2014 who founded this program called the “Passion Test” in which she identified a method to find your passion and take action on it I have written about it here – Check it out – Passion

If you have an interest in  the stock market – you take action towards it – you read a lot on fundamental and technical analysis and principles of value investing or trading depending on which you want to implement. If you’re interested in football and want to pursue it as a career whether playing or coaching – you take action towards it – do your coaching badges or train hard to become the best player.

Anyway Janet, in her talk mentioned how we must set goals and targets and work towards them. They are “milestones” is what she called them – milestones on your path toward achieving excellence. I find that working with targets and goals is the most efficient way to work instead of working haphazardly without any aim. Making sure you do everything in your power to achieve them in time. This is what accelerates the process of becoming successful in what you do.

In this information age – We must use the tools created to expand our horizons. Instead of looking at facebook, twitter, linkedin etc as a waste of time we must use them to get ourselves and our ideas out there and use it to connect with people all across the world because – you never know who can help you or be of use to you for any endeavor in the future. I know this point might seem obvious or known to you but in India not that many people use social networks effectively. Not many people get that networking is very important.

There’s a quote by rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z that I like a lot he says “I’m not a business man, I’m a business, man.” As funny as it sounds- You have to consider yourself as a business and market yourself as well instead of just your company. The more you look at yourself as a money making business and get yourself and your ideas across to different people and use social networks to link with them such that you can grow together, the better it is.

Essentially what you do is part of you. How many people in the world know what you do? Exactly, so connect and tell them what you do – So they know okay Gaurav is a broker based in Mumbai, India – let me speak to my friend who wants to trade in Indian markets or wants to buy property in India or wants to invest in Indian start ups
and refer him to Gaurav. That way, he will at least have you in mind and help you grow your business and yourself as an individual. Only by getting more reach and connecting with more people is that possible.

So in marketing “you”what you’re doing is marketing yourself and your ideas. Tweet about it, blog about it, share it with the world. Instead of just limiting yourself to local areas and markets you should look at global markets and sell to the world. When Akio Morita set up Sony, the electronics company. He wanted to sell to the world and not just Japan. Thats why he visited every nation and figured out the best way to sell his products there. Have a worldwide vision for your business and yourself, always.

Narrow, short-term self-interests have overshadowed the understanding of how, in a truly global world, interdependent are our destinies.

Not many people realise this.

There are many ways to grow and best way to grow as a person is with the help of others. Listen to people and their experiences and their ideas and share yours with them, that’s the best way to grow. You never know who is going to share something with you that opens your eyes and helps you develop in life.

Read – a lot-books, blogs and articles. The more you read the more knowledge you gain and the more persepectives you get on life.

Use the tools at your disposal and enhance your knowledge everyday. Share what you know and help others every step of the way.

That is the best way to develop- Not just your business but yourself as a human being. Shine your light on the world and the world will shine it’s light back on you. Keep it positive , always.

Make one collaboration every month. That’s a golden piece of advice. Collaborate and work together in achieving a common goal – whether monetary gain or personal growth.

Everything happens for a reason – and you need to figure out the positive outcome you can get our of every event that occurs in your life.

A way to do that is to identify the choices you make – I have written about it here-Check it out -The Choice

Connect the dots on your way to success – use everything you have learnt. It’s going to come in use somewhere.

In one word -Bloom.

Thank you for your time and reading this.

And Stay hungry and stay foolish.

I am going to refer one book and one track in
every post from here on out- so the track is “Bloom by Radiohead” and the book is
“Mastering The Rockerfeller Habits” by Verne Harnish.

“And as the ocean blooms, It’s what keeps me alive”

Here is the link to the book-

I hope I have helped you.

Connect with me on twitter-
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or via email

Give me some time to respond and we can see how we can help each other out.

Always remember -givers gain.

Have a great week!

God Bless.

I hope you achieve as well – We should all make it -That would be ideal.



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