Top 8 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Be A Young Entrepreneur

Being a young entrepreneur is something that I’ve always wanted to be, in fact it’s so awesome that it’s become part of who I am now and the more business owners I meet – they all tell me the same thing – that it’s extremely good that I started out so early.
Most of my peers, friends and college batch mates are all either pursuing higher education, either their masters or Phd’s or MBA’s or are working 9-5 jobs at various firms and very few of them have taken the leap into owning their own business.

Lets be honest – It’s awesome being a young businessman and owning a business at a young age is probably the smartest thing you could do.

So here are eight pros or reasons why it absolutely rocks to be a young entrepreneur.

1. Freedom – Probably the best thing about being self employed is the freedom it gives you. You no longer have to slave at the mercy of some boss who gives you a ton of work to do each day. You have the freedom to really explore all your avenues and manage your time in such a way that you get to be as uber-productive as you want to be. You can take up multiple projects, you can network more, you have more time to focus on building your business, you can sort out issues faster and you have more time to be creative!


2. Be Your Own Boss – You no longer have to submit those reports to some angry dude for who’s company you couldn’t care less about. You are the man in charge! The BOSS. You can delegate effectively, you can organise your time better, you can prioritize which tasks are to be done when and how and you can dress how you want(ok that’s just a minor plus point, but yeah). In short you get to run the show! And more than anything you get to enhance your leadership and motivational skills!

3. More Networking – Contacts lead to contracts and boy do you have enough time to do all the networking you need to make your business grow. You can plan your week such that you make all the meetings and meet more and more fascinating people and really get the word about what you do out there. You can use business networking organizations, you can use social media, you can use meetups – really you are in the best position to meet people because you have no 9-5 commitments. Being stuck 9-5 is such a waste of time really, you hardly get to spend more time out there connecting with people. So yeah, happy networking to you!


4. More Income – The best part about running your own business is how rewarding it is financially. You no longer have to put in long hours for meager pay. You get to keep a huge chunk of the income after deducting expenditures and taxes and it’s way more than you would have earned working a regular job. Sure it’s hard work initially but it pays off in the end if you stick to it and do really well. How much can you earn? The sky is the limit.


5. Satisfaction – “I can’t get no……”  We all know that famous rolling stones song , well here you really can get more than enough satisfaction because once you start your own business – the feeling of satisfaction it gives you each day to work for your own cause is such  a feel good factor that it becomes addictive and when you succeed or crack a huge deal – the feeling is unbeatable. And apart from the feeling it gives you on a personal level it makes you more motivated and much more responsible. It’s just great trust me.


6. Improving Skills – You get to really shine as a young entrepreneur it helps you develop your own skills whether it’s leadership, delegation, creativity, teamwork and management you get to excel and be at the center of everything. And as you go along you will blossom into the best most confident version of yourself as you add more skills to your arsenal. It’s the best for self development.


7. Time to make mistakes– Starting a business in your 20s allows you to experiment and make mistakes. Your age allows you to learn as you earn and make errors now and then because let’s face it you have the time to adapt and learn from mistakes as you grow older.
And you can afford to stumble only at a young age not when your in your late 30s and 40s.


8. Make a legacy – With running business in your 20s you have enough time to build it into a juggernaut as you grow older if you do really well and make the right decisions. You can leave something behind for your children and grandchildren and most importantly leave a legacy of your very own through your business and the work it does.
You can achieve greatness -this is the first step. What are you waiting for ?-Take the leap! And don’t look back – You can achieve so much more the younger you start – So go for it!

Have a great week!

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