The World Is Yours

Rap song lyrics 2


Some say I lost my soul,
Power drill to the head, yeah, dig a hole,
Step outta line, boy, you get killed,
This is the real world son it ain’t chilled,
Yeah thats life,
If I ain’t got a pistol sure I got a knife,
Now imagine my thoughts,
Step in a dark room only gun shots,
A light flashes,
Blood on the floor mixing with cigratte ashes,
This a crime scene,
Carcass on the floor cut up from the spleen,
Police line do not cross,
Yeah bitch Its me, I’m a boss
Real life felon,
Gat on the tip my melon,
Freak in the bed,
Stay true to yo head,
Break bread, Take lead
Cut up the gram,
She wanna split it, yes mam

The world is yours,
Hate is the root cause,

The world is yours,
This a sea, im a shark, call me jaws
Live life in the fast lane,
Sip the crystal, pull a line of cocaine
Survival of the fittest, yeah,take the pain,
Hustle hard, Get cash,
Make the blood rain,

The world is yours
Till yo coffin filled with flowers,
(Stay hood)
This world is filled with cowards,
(Stay thug)
Make their blood flow like showers


Verse 2

Watch the bullets flow like rain,
Feel the burn son, feel the pain,
Watch the lead penetrate the flesh,
Riding with them hoes who speak no englesh,
Mind covered with a hood, its a mess,
Cant function with the stress,
It’s apocolypse season,
Smack the bitch with the gat, screaming treason,
Fear in their heart, death is the reason,
Im straight thug, I’m pure evil,
Shoot to kill, Dress to thrill
Cash stacked up like a pyramid,
I’m so up high, call me Hagrid,
Got a new bitch, she dance, do the samba,
I’m the kobe bryant of life,
Yeah, the black mamba
Walk around this world like I own this bitch,
A blue light flashes ocasionally, yeah dimensional glitch,
Make that paper it’s the only way,
How else you gonna feed yo self, have a place to stay
Criminal on parole,
Heat up the hero, plug the syringe in the hole,
Fall to the floor,
Lookin at your ugly face give me an eyesore

Vere 3

In the phantom, accelerate, switch the gear,
100 carat diamond on the ear,
Yeah cocaine,heroine,PCP
I am untouchable, you can’t face me,
On 30 milligrams of prescription pills,
Enough dough to take a piss on the bills,
I send a chill down your spine,
You in my trip, Yeah it’s my time,
To shine,
Yeah, I bedazzle,
Watchin Chelsea play on the sports channel,
Hazard running down the flank,
Ride into town in a tank,
Yeah u like that line, I’m the one to thank,
Suck those tits on yo bitch till they flacid,
Walk around on half a tab of acid,
Pussy im the real life legend,
Call me infamous,
My life in a word- illustrious,
Im the underdog, yeah I’m underrated,
Fucked yo bitch at the crib while you masturbated
Enigne still running,
Hate it or love it playing,
yeah, im the meance,
Call me executioner this yo death sentence











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