Devils Night

Wrote some rap lyrics at lunch inspired by Prodigy –
Verse 1
Devils night, popping pills for the stress,
Wake up with the uzi on the bed, get dressed,
4 am im goin get cigarettes,
Riding slow,
Smoke the hash with the glass down,
Back of the class, aint no fucking class clown,
We at war you know I win hands down.
At lunch with my connects at the Kremlin,
Speak outta line cut you up like a Gremlin,
Verse 2
Seeing foggy on my nose with that glossy eye,
Stop pulling on my wings I’m trying to get high,
Theres weed smoke pulling out the bullet hole in a flash,
Get rich, make money, then die quick fast
Some shots ring around the street,
Make ’em beg for mercy make ’em kiss my feet,
Hide the paranoia in my mind, around popos when I feel the heat
Read between the lines as you feel the beat



My Mind fucked up on drugs, like hell
Enemies swarm around like little bugs, in a jail cell
This life is one choice – live thug,
Get outta line – feed you a slug,
Lord help me
I’m a prisoner to the vices,
Get down when the lead shots flow, you know life is

Fucked up, That’s right
Devils night


Verse 3

Eyes low when I spark the kush,
Turn the corner, imagining an ambush
Read up the documents looking for the yield
I am so up high this is my playing field,
The pussy fake thugs scream yolo,
I am Han,
I fly solo,
On the path to hell, like a crash course,
I am the immovable object,
The unstoppable force,
After business my connects want to thank me,
That bitch talking about how she can’t stand me,
Spank her hard, send her back home to her man – Bambi,


Verse 4


Little stones on the necklace,
This is business, tick that off the check list
Get off that hoe shit son,
Then you family,
The rest are enemies, yeah they little bees
Pull out the knife cut up their knees,
No remorse, Middle finger to the world, Bitch please
Think strategy in my mind with ease
Blood dripping, watch the red flow,
A dark smile, watch my face glow,
My mind like a nazi,
The Alpha, The Omega,
You can’t surpass Me,
Words of wisdom
“Stay sharp, Work hard” – thats the caper
Keep your mind focused on the paper

Let P Spit —>


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