The Subjective Illusion


“Once you go alone the illusion becomes knowledge. And your world changes. This is the ultimate truth. Everything else is subjective words. Reality is but what the viewer perceives. ” Unknown

Thoughts- A subjective Illusion, a persistent one, a rudimentary consciousness, a dream like state yet simplicity goes against the positive resolution of complexity as we are sometimes prisoners of samsara (suffering in Buddhism) led by desire, perhaps to ignore desire(desire be, desire go) and and not give in to primal instincts or thought which Krishna calls lowering the vibration of your mind would be better off for a happier enjoyment of the eternal moment – thoughts of past or future prevent us from enjoying all that exists – the eternal moment quantifiable by the dimensions time and space. But to know the truth and live, breathe and to acknowledge death at the same, to exist in Harmony, with every breath is to live free.Seeking the glorious silence.

Sometimes to be a guide is all we can do as were they. Yet to seek the ultimate knowledge i.e moksha one must go his own path. And that is the ultimate purpose of life without getting lost in the cumulation of samsara(suffering), with the passage of time. Again moksha being a very highly subjective concept or in other words a defining word given for the ultimate truth passed down through the ages. An interesting thought is that we could be experiencing the many dimensions simultaneously in physics a defined sentence would be what I call the “changing atomic effect of perception” visually experienced through the eyes.

What I would call it would be every atom, at random, like every singularity erupting into complexity with the passage of time. On the quantum scale. It must pass on infinitely till the end of time, except there is no seeming end. For the world will continue, for it must in this sphere or lok. Again the greater good being complexity and greater evil being simplicity in accordance to the resolution theory.

The Bhagvad Geeta speaks about Loks or spheres which could mean a planet or a world in the galaxy. As Krishna put it to Arjuna the Brahman, experiencing the field or Lok. However in the similar manner we create miniature worlds with logic defined parameters for lets say a computer game. In a similar manner perhaps, the world we live in could be a programmed interface by a higher intelligence somewhere in the galaxy for the simple reason everything(all life plant, human and animal) is so intricate- but this is just a theory of mine to sit and prove it could be possible but since there is no evidence of life outside our planet it remains an unknown.

Like the fish bowl concept in Stephen Hawking’s book ‘ The Grand Design’ we might just not know it. Let me explain- for a fish in a fish bowl everything observed by the fish is subject to its perspective- i.e from the fish bowl, for example the angle of incidence of light, the fish will observe it from it’s place, the inside of the fish bowl and calculate it accordingly but in actuality the value derived by the fish is a skewed value because we know it is taking in to account the refractive index of glass and water in its calculation , yet for the fish this is the observed value it thinks is the true vale of the angle of incidence of light. Similarly all our calculations and observations are based on our perspective of being inside our fish bowl -the earth- not knowing what is the true value for an observer beyond our world. Basically we just might not know the actual calculations and values of  the say speed of light, gravity etc because it is based on our perspective inside our sphere. Like the fish we might be inside some sort of fish bowl(or designed world) and just not know it for, for the fish its entire observable world is the fish bowl itself and our observable world is our planet or sphere the earth.So technically all our observed values are not absolutes or the actual values, for it is just the values we have derived from our point of observation. A character inside a game with a given programmed intelligence does not know we are controlling him, he is simply leading his life inside the logical, graphical world we have designed  for him. Perhaps that could be the case with us barring the being controlled part- we might just not know it.

Maybe these superior Brahmans that we call God could have been the answer, with the knowledge they left for us in the ancient texts. Yet as i feel a conflict of scientific vs spiritual thought it is clear that the subjective truth remains a mystery for there is no definition of it. Except that humans – the superior Brahman were able to realise it and transcend as the Buddhist thought says from the cycle of births and deaths. Worshiping them seems flawed. For they were nothing but enlightened Brahman. And through their teachings what I get is that to search for that higher knowledge would be the ultimate purpose of life.

The ultimate truth being an unknown.


Music while this was written – comically an album named simplicity by late Goa Dj Avihen Livinhe – dark and pounding not for lightweights, Dj Cosma’s music rocks your core along with his trademark atmospheric elements, deep and melodic, a psychedelic trance album for the ages – remains a favourite of mine- always provoking interesting thought.

Cosma is a tragic story. He was killed in a motorcycle accident near Palulim, Goa, India on February 10th, 2003. On the years prior to his death Avihen was considered as one of the most talented guys in the scene, releasing deep & atmospheric music that left a mark on the scene.

R.I.P DJ COSMA – we miss you

The end.


1:57 am
Gaurav Krishnan


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