Do Viral Shit!

It’s been a week or so since I blogged, not much has changed, I’m still 25 (fuck yeah, love being young) , I got two of my friends working with me so my enterprise is growing and we’re operating under 4 verticals – complete broking solutions – Stock Broking, Real Estate Broking, Private Equity Broking, Hospitality Broking. Now we need to expand our investor network and get more people with a high net worth to hear our investment propositions.

Anyway that’s work.

The internet is a funny yet powerful tool, on one hand you have the destructive side – the dark web, for arms and drugs while on the flipside there is all the knowledge it offers – wiki, investopedia and so on. I’m currently doing a course on Financial Markets from Yale University- who the fuck would’ve imagined getting access to a top school like that!?

In the old days, I would sit on my PC with a dial up connection and literally go through pages and pages of garbage to find relatively unknown websites. The rest of the times I would log on to websites which were in this book I had – mostly for games but nonetheless I needed a book to find websites because Google wasn’t online yet!  Imagine that.

Now shit is all over the place, twitter, facebook, all the news apps, etc keep you posted on current events every second- it’s fucking scary at times. We’re so connected that it really feels like we can never get away from what’s happening in the world. Unless ofcourse you throw your phone into the gutter or make a conscious effort to disconnect and reconnect with your inner self by going on a trek to a secluded place – again without your phone.

Millennials these days are a breed of their own – If they stay away from a digital screen for more than an hour they get cranky, angry, agitated , like some sort of existential dependence.

Anyway love the connected-ness or not we’re all dependent on it in some way or the other. Social media has taken over the world.

Today – Anybody can become the next sensation that everybody is talking about through Youtube. Anybody sitting in his/her living room can broadcast to the world and get their opinions heard by millions.

Which comes to my point that unless what you’re doing reaches a lot of people – there really is no point expecting a lot of money out of it. I’m not saying what you’re doing is futile, all I’m saying is if its not going to reach thousands if not millions of people -you’re better off doing something else because you wont make money with a hundred views on your videos. On youtube you’re a small fish in a vast ocean, with tons of people going viral everyday it’s hard for the gain some ground on the big fish.

But stay at  it – Thats the most important thing I can tell you. You’re perseverance will be rewarded .

However there are a couple of hacks that make sure you can skyrocket views substantially and gain more subscribers. Now I’ve read tons of blogs on the subject but this guy stood out to me.

This guy was able to grow a little niche YouTube channel to 160,000 views a month in one and a half years. Just have a read

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel to 160,000 Views a Month Within 1.5 Years

I run a youtube channel too and I’ve got 117 subsribers and 15,000 lifetime views and my channel is currently averaging 4,500 views a month, which is not bad for 3 months(it’s only been 3 months since I started) and which I plan to increase considerably, let see how successful I am with it and we’ll chat in a year and a half’s time.

Again I’m no expert on the subject, so I can’t really advise you but I enjoy what I’m doing so it’s all good.

Here is my channel!! Subscribe to it !

Anyway I suggest that everybody should start a channel to get their opinions and content out there to millions of people and most importantly it’s a lot of fun! And it’s great for marketing yourself or your business !

Take time out of your day and start one what’s the worst that could happen?

Enjoy it


Most importantly – Do Viral Shit !





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