Based on an actual dream. Short movie script.

“With hunger at her heels, freedom in her eyes, 
  she dances on her knees, pirate prince at her side.”  ~Wild Child 


“Beyond yonder mountains and hills of plain
The sharpest knife does sooth the pain,
A dozen -fair maiden tried their hand’s in vain
Thy demons – lie for centuries slain
A love far great’er than all the gold in the west,
To lust for life – a deceitful test ,
To lay pillow’d on my fair love’s breast,
Nothing forever more shall suffice,
To put to bed – man’s penurious vice,
still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever – else swoon to death”

~Gaurav Krishnan

Narration –
As I walk around on my way to nowhere I stop to look at the faces that pass .

I hope to find sweet delight,
I hope to find that angelic face that from darkness gives me light,
I know inside that she will make me feel okay,
make me feel alright.

The face that will give me just a brief moment of serenity in this fast paced madness.

As I wander, as I think, I look around in search of her. The one who will call out to me from the crowd.

With long brown hair, eyes as deep as the ocean and luscious lips as pink as rose wine. She  calls out to me from the crowd.

I smile. For to just hear her voice call out to me is beautiful.

As she draws closer, my breath begins to fail me and my heart begins to beat faster, racing like a hundred horses prancing their way forward.

She comes close and hugs me tight. There is a brief moment of silence as we smile at each other.

We kiss. Like long lost lovers meeting again.

Then she says,
“Here, hold my hand and take me somewhere”

“But where do we go?”, I reply

“Somewhere by the sea, Gaurav”, she says

“That would be perfect” I reply

I hold her hand and smile.

We get into the car and I turn on my stereo… The doors are playing, Jim Morrison’s voice echoes through the sound system.

“Let’s swim to the moon,
Let’s climb through the tide,
Penetrate the evening that the city sleeps to hide, 
Let’s swim out tonight, love
It’s our turn to try
Parked beside the ocean
On our moonlight drive ” 

I look at her and she is perfect, she is the most beautiful woman in the world, her hair which follows her every motion, her body which is carved like a work of art by michealangelo, her tiny hands which are firmly tangled up in mine.

I love her for she see’s in me what others didn’t, what others neglected, what others left for dead.

My mind, torn apart by the dark, destructive side of my nature longs for her.

The one who will make it all go away, all the bullshit.

She isn’t anyone from my past, they left me for dead, without so much of a whisper so I think of them as dead to me as well.

When she turns to me and looks at me I can feel her looking right into the depths of my tainted soul.

My soul which yearns for her.

And she comforts me with love I haven’t felt for centuries.

She is perfect in her every movement, and I fall in love with her more and more with every one of them.

My soul is old, broken and tired of everything. But when I look at her I want to live.

For nobody else but her.

And when she goes away  the shit starts again.

She gives me meaning. She gives me purpose. To love, care, provide and adore.

Nobody else.

She is all I need.

The one’s who thought they could be her and  left me for dead, will remain buried in the cemetery of my mind.

She is the picture of perfection.

With a heart and soul of gold.

And I would ask for nothing more in return.
Except her. All of her. Nothing more.
In this one lifetime I would spend my whole life devoted to only her.

Nobody else will come close.

And I would wipe off her tears and be her only.

And she would heal those deep wounds that nobody else could cure.

I would die for her, a thousand deaths for she saves me from the madness of my self-destructive mind.

It all begins to flash in my head, my past, all of it, the violence, the syringes,

the people, all of them, their lies, screaming in my head,

I hate it, I hate them – they weren’t there when I needed them the most.

My demons.

They torment me forever.

‘Fuck, make it stop’ I think a loud

“What’s the matter?” she asks sounding concerned.

Her voice makes it all go away.

“Nothing” I reply and smile.

She makes it all go away, just like that.

She is the one.
Till the end of time.
And I would choose her, in every life, I would find her and choose her.

We get to my house by the ocean.

We go outside onto the beach.

The moon reflects on the ocean, shimmering on the surface beneath the starlit sky.

I reach out to her and hold her by the waist,

“Do you want to dance with me?”

She giggles, “Yes”

We dance right there on the beach, beneath the moonlight.

Its perfect. I don’t want it to end.

She saves me.

For the fuck of it.

She turns to me and says softly as we dance.

“Gaurav, why do you love me?” she asks, her voice calming the tide.

“Because you’re the one”


~Written by Gaurav Krishnan





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