Music – What it means to me and what I intend to do

Well firstly let me say writing a blog is kick ass fun, I never thought I could maintain one or kill so much time writing one, It’s fucking epic even if I’m talking shit through my ass. Okay I kid, I talk sense. Keep it sensible always haha.

Secondly, I can hear a voice in my head saying jeez enough with the posts about life already, okay its getting a bit much I agree.

Now let me see where do I start. I fucking love music. Music is what the world needs more of. It’s my passion and listening and producing is my favourite pass time. It’s liberating, it’s uplifting, it’s beautiful, it’s universe’s language.  I cannot find enough adjectives to describe music, it’s just fucking fantastic.

As a listener I listen to every genre from Jazz to Rock to classical western and hindi and even carnatic and foreign, I don’t brush aside any genre as I did in my teens I keep an open mind and wide open ears listening to the majesty of the notes bouncing off my ear drums sending the magic being played straight to my brain for further delight.

As a kid growing up when I was 4 and 5 I would sing the latest Bollywood numbers to my family and they would all make me sing more and more. I clearly remember singing the songs of Baazigar, yeah that movie with Shahrukh. Okay I was a little munchkin I had no clue about anything but I took a liking to the tunes even at that age.

Ok we all went through a Backstreet Boys, Westlife phase no shame in admitting it. They were huge in India at about that time. Listening to Barbie Girl, Mojo – Lady(Damn I still love that track), Michael Jackson etc at my parents Round Table parties and those other shady 90s songs. A bit of hindi thrown into the mix here and there as well. Ok this was shitty music I agree but those were the early years when I had no clue about anything and I was busy playing football for school pretty much all the time.

As I grew older I began to seriously listen to music from the age of 11.  I discovered this website which was a russian pirate website you could download music at low bit rate and there I had in front of me every single genre.
I discovered Hip Hop, Rap and Eminem at about that time and I still distinctly remember going to the casette store and buying his cassette The Eminem Show. What a fucking album! I bajjed that every the fuck where I went. Slim Shady and his twisted world and lyrics raged through my head phones and walk man

Hip Hop and Rap predominated my listening – 2pac, Biggie, 50 cent, Game, G-unit were huge in school at the time. Then came the punk rock phase Greenday,Sum41 (Haha I’m playing hell song right now as I type this just for kicks), Blink 182, The Ramones, Bowling for Soup, etc I could go on but my memory is failing me. Rock-  Metallica, Audioslave, Staind, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, Motorhead. Ok Im not going to just list down artists and bands. The Metal phase – System of A Down, Opeth, Megadeath, Iron Maiden, Zero the Indian band I still remember going for their gigs at Razz in Bombay with my buddies Niyati and Alisha. Rap Metal – Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit. Alternative- Radiohead,Coldplay, etc etc Grunge – Nirvana etc etc. Any video game track anything on NFS or Fifa. ok for some reason my memory is failing me right now and I can’t list down all my favourite bands . But it wasn’t until I discovered classic rock that I blossomed into a 60’s maniac. The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Cream, Lynard Skynard CSNY, The Stones, every rare 60s and 70s band starting with ‘The’ it went on basically anything 60’s and I fucking loved the tunes again my memory is failing me and I can’t recollect all the band names.

As I went to college in my late teens to manipal I became the Dj at the local pub DeeTee (a legendary watering hole for all MIT and Manipal students). It was an honour and a tradition that was passed down from one generation of the MIT football team to the next. I would play every other night THE BEST fucking music -I would start off with classic mix with modern and metal after 9 play hip hop for the ladies and end with classic rock again.
I used to love playing old numbers and classics and I kept listening to more and more music all the way.

Oh yeah then came the Psy phase a lot of repititive thundering beats at 130+ bpm and all those Acid trips in Goa and Manipal and shrooms ok lets not leave out the shrooms. Bhenchod it was epic. All those artists we tripped to, some great memories. LSD probably changed my perspective on a lot of things in life, I had never experienced music the way I did on acid and it literally changed everything. Anyway I’m not going to describe my trips here it’s for my book.

I kept listening to and learning more about Djing and mixing. I went through 3 Ipods and Gigabytes and Gigabytes Of music listening every step of the way.

Trip Hop and Trance and Psy Ambient took me to other levels when I was high on pot.

I began producing a bit in my college days mixing house and techno by 2011 using traktor and virtual dj.

I currently amatuer produce at home with magix music maker and ableton.

Anyway I’m getting a bit lazy writing after this long day and  I could go on but I need to watch the Chelsea game tonight (Cmon you blues!) long story short, I’ve started my own youtube channel and I intend to make it popular and probably get those underground intsrumental hip hop artists down for gigs here once the channel gains popularity. Also as I’ve mentioned I’m going to enroll into music school to perfect production and I’ll see where that takes me I’ll be learining music theory and history and believe it or not the keyboard (fuck knows how I’m going to learn it at 25!). I’ll be learning films scoring, orchestrating, arranging electives include sound engineering modules and djing.  Im super kicked about it and I’m paying for it on my own.

I’ve taken a lot from music in life through the years but now it’s time I create my own and give back and we’ll see where music takes me. It’s going to be EPIC.

One day I’m going to be up there as a great producer!

Have a good night!



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