Life awaits

As I sit at my office desk at work –  It’s a busy Monday, I still have to fix all my appointments for the week but I found half an hour of free time to write a bit.

I’m 25, running my own business which is steadily growing. I’m going to enroll into music school to learn pro production. Apart from that I’m learning real estate and broking a few deals as well. I’m doing a little Dj-ing on the side as well and coaching football to amazingly talented young kids.  Life is going great career wise! But theres so much to do and so little time it makes me want more than 24 hours in a day.

Well life. Damn theres so much more to go. Im only 25.  Thats only quarter of the way there well I’m not going to live till a 100 but you get my point.

The past – I can write a damn book. And I am. Haha. Well the past for me is a twisted dark one. Its going to stay buried deep in the depths of my mind as I try to erase it bit by bit. We all tend to waste to much time thinking of the past and I see no point really. It happened. It’s over. It’s done. Theres no use clinging on to it – it’ll just mind fuck you further. Forgive yourself and others for the mistakes, learn from them and get the fuck on with it! If my past wasn’t such a dark one I would look back fondly but in the midst of all that darkness there were a few moments of light that I cherish. But thats about it. Theres not much I can smile about from my past, a little bit but not much. So thats that. Cue Eminem cleaning out my closet. Fuck theres no way I’m digging back anything from my past. It’s staying locked in the closet. Fuck you past! A giant middle finger to you !

People – People man,I would like to say what would I do without you and all that jazz but I can’t. People in my life have been come and go. Nobody stuck so I don’t hold on to them. Fuck that.  The ones who stuck around now, well cheers to you’ll we’ll get a beer. The ones that didn’t bascially its a giant fuck you again.  But to all of you who value people so much, trust me when times are good and they’re there,once shit hits the fan people show you their true colors. My advice dont hold on to people. Its the dumbest thing you could do.

Money – The root of all evil. My advice. Make a lot of it. Trust me its not everything in life but you need it. I repeat Make a lot of it. And about people again when you have a lot of it people will swarm you when your broke and in the dumps theres not a soul that will give you company. Dont waste it. Save and Invest. Make a lot of it.

Love – Well i do believe in the dream. But if it wasn’t so unkind to me I wouldn’t be so fucked up about finding it. If you have love fine, your good,for now. If you don’t well don’t sit around waiting for it. Do your shit. Go find it if thats what will make you happy. but trust me again – not everything in life neither is sex. Sex is fantastic but its not something you need to break your head about- if your desperate, get a fucking hooker.  Anyway Theres no way im getting tied down in my twenties man, damn every single married person I know hates it , it has its honeymoon period like all good marriages do but after that its a trap. It’s a fucking trap and when kids come into the picture you’re fucked. Its a beautiful thing and all. But nah, not something I want to do in my twenties. Live your life first before you settle down. Just my advice. Don’t commit to somebody who is not going to stick with you through thick and thin. Find the one and make sure they can stick with you whether your broke or in jail or going to war and never coming back. Be a purist, find the one. Don’t get married in your twenties. Travel, laugh, spend time together, get to really know them and enjoy your life together. Your twenties are the litmus test, if they stick past 8 years put a fucking ring on them. I mean I’m a hoplesss romantic but man the women in my life have barely stuck around so you know I really don’t know whether it’s them or it’s me. But fuck it  I got no time to think about all of them. I love you all just so you know but I’m still about finding the one. I will find you the one. I’m no expert but
all I can say is you’ll figure it out.

Music – What would the world be without music?It takes your mind to places nothing else can. It cheers you up. It’s good for your brain. Its the language of the universe. Listen to a lot and if you can make some. It’s spectacular.

Drugs – Try them once. Its an experience. Don’t get addicted thats all. Again its not life so dont get to the point where you need it. I’m going to be a bad person for saying this but drugs have taught me more about life than anything else. Just dont do them if you can’t handle them. Stay clean!

Travel – Give me a fucking boat! Travel – A lot. Its the best fucking feeling. Get to know people on the way. See the majesty the world has to offer. Solo or with friends or with that special someone. It doesn’t matter. Pack your bags and leave whenever, fuck everything. Enjoy travelling just make sure it doesnt stress you. Relax while travelling, I hate those stressful trips. It’s about those sun rises and sun sets in far away lands.
Travel a lot- thats a life well lived.

Work – You’re here for one fucking reason. It’s to work. So work your fucking ass off and make a lot of money. Do what makes you happiest and you wont feel like its work at all. Work hard. Be self sufficient. Put your head down and dont complain you chuts.

Family- Everything for the family. Those sick twisted people who brought you up yes they’re crazy but you gotta love them no matter what they do to you. When shit hits the fan whether they caused it or you they’re there so love them and cherish them theyll die one day and you’ll regret grudges. When you make one on your own love fight and do everything in your power to make them smile. Italian mob boss style keep the family close

Alcohol – Do not over do it. Trust me just dont over do it. Be a social drunk. Dont go more than 3 drinks, okay 5. Thats the rule of thumb. More than 3 or 5 and more often than not its going to end badly. always. Prost! Saunte! Cheers! Talli!

Grudges – Do not hold them. Forgive. Make peace with all.

Football – Haha had to add this one. The best game in the world. If you don’t watch or follow or play you’re missing out on sheer brilliance. Watching those 11 men I absolutely do not know only have the badge on their chests in common for those 90 + minutes feels fucking fantastic. The thrills, the excitement, the art. Fucking love it – Get in! Cmon Chelsea!

Books – Fucking read you idiots read! Theres a vast ocean of knowledge and wealth in those things. Read a lot. If you dont you’re an idiot!

Kids – Love them little creatures the best thing about the world but just don’t raise them in your twenties thats wasting your youth. A lot of responsibility. Find a partner first and don’t fucking get knocked up for fucks sake. Create them one day. But trust me its a lot of responsibility and work its a beautiful thing but keep it for later in your life.

Food – Don’t over do it. Eat to live not live to eat. Enjoy each meal. Be thankful you have some. Eat your veggies.

Water – Drink lots and swim in lots. Love that liquid. Its a good necessary liquid. Haha

Art – Appreciate it. Dont know much about it but good things to look at i guess.

Spirituality – You need it. Finding peace for your soul is paramouont. And might as well have God on your side. Like I say if you’re an atheist we’ll see when the plane starts falling.

Women – Love them. Don’t break their fragile hearts and don’t make them cry. Love them. They’re beautiful. Find that special someone.

Things – Cars, Clothes everthing money can buy. Honestly I couldnt care less. Just buy shit that you need and dont waste your money on shit you dont.

Animals – Just dont get eaten by one. They’re awesome at a distance and the pets are great but really just don’t get eaten by one.

Body – It’s your temple. Treat it well. Stay healthy and fit always. Don’t abuse it

For everything else i’ve missed. I can’t think too much at lunch at work.

Anyway its been fun writing this piece. But I really have to get back to work now. Nice lunch.

I”m Forever finding things to get my kicks. Might as well get my kicks until the whole shit house goes up in flames, Ok I stole that from Jim Morrsion but anyway.

Life awaits ! Here’s to another 25 special years!

Live well.

Cheers ! Have a great week.







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