The Eternal Dilemma – part 2

So coming back to the question – How do you choose what your life’s purpose is?

People spend their entire life not knowing what to do with their lives. It’s a question that has perplexed even the most intelligent individuals.

I’m talking about those days where you feel like your life isn’t going anywhere because you’re doing things you don’t love and you feel fucked up because you really don’t know what to do. I’m talking about being drained of all your energy doing something you hate to the point where its affecting living your life.  The stress, the anxiety, the tension all of it basically stems down to you not enjoying what you’re doing. Many a time it’s difficult to just go to work the next day or to just get on with your life because you’re trapped doing things you hate while Tom,Dick and Harry are seemingly enjoying their lives doing things they love. Finding your purpose is something that everybody should seriously give a lot of thought and time to because at the end of the day it will bring most satisfaction. Fuck what others are doing and just focus on you for a moment, sit down and evaluate whether what you’re doing with your life is bringing you satisfaction and re-assess whether it makes you happy. Fuck the money it will bring – Just figure out what you enjoy doing. Trust me, the money will follow.

Finding your true purpose or your life’s calling is something that only a very few lucky people tend to figure out at early stages in their lives. Usually, we tend to just go along with what we’re told in our early years, leading to our current occupation and our current predicament. As a kid you really don’t know what your good at so you tend to just listen to your parents and friends and choose a path that you probably have no clue about and end up doing something more often than not isn’t your true calling. Now I’m not just talking about your career or your job. I’m talking about doing something with your life that reverberates with your soul, basically, your passion.

In 2014, I was clueless about what to do with my life, I still hadn’t graduated from college, I was living from one day to the next not knowing where to go or what to do. Basically I was a bum. Then, I was lucky enough to meet a very interesting lady named Janet Brey Attwood. She specializes in the very same thing – helping people find their true calling or as she would put it their ‘passions’. She wrote a book called ‘The Passion Test’ in which she laid down a plan on how to identify your passions and how to follow them every step of your life. My dad had organised an event here in Bombay where Janet was the main speaker among others and there she laid down a procedure on how to identify your passions and how you must in every situation of your life ‘ choose according to you passions’.

The Passion Test is a step by step process that ends in finding out what your true calling is.

After the elimination process of my top 15 passions to my top 5 , It became clear to me that my passions lie in Music, Football , The Stock Market, Traveling and Writing.

So I decided whatever I do in my life, I would choose in favour of my passions every step of the way.

Now I would recommend all of you who are clueless about what to do with your life to pick up that book and read it. But for those of you who don’t like to read that much , I suggest you take some time out and think and then list down exactly what you enjoy doing and then eliminate them to narrow down to your top 5.

It goes something like this, You make a list which starts of with the sentence ‘ My life is most ideal when I am… ‘
and you list down 15 things that you love doing.

Then you go back to the top of your list and begin to compare which is more ideal the first one with the rest of the 14 and then the second and so on. Every time you choose which passion of yours is most ideal compared to the rest put a little tick on the top. So after you compare all of the 15 with each other you figure out which ones have the most ticks on top and presto there you have it – You’ve just figured out what you truly love doing the most.

Every step of your life when you feel confused just choose in favour of your passions and you’re good to go.

Now I highly recommend doing this at whatever stage you are in your life because it really helps you identify things that you enjoy spending your time doing. Look, life is short and time is precious so why waste it doing something that you don’t truly enjoy doing.

It could be anything like spending time with your family, reading books, swimming, photography, cycling, playing a sport, video games, doing social work- anything!

This little exercise will go a long way in identifying what your passionate about and it makes sure you end up doing things that you really love as opposed to things you feel suffocated doing.

I hope this helps you identify what you’re passionate about and I hope you end up shifting your focus to those things that you identified on your list.

You could be stuck up in a job you hate or spending your time doing something you don’t enjoy as much instead of following your passion. So just do this exercise and then tell me how much it’s helped you.

Like Confucius says – Do what you love doing and you will never have to work a single day of your life.
As for me, unfortunately the way things are playing out, I cannot do all the things I love doing and will have to choose between Music, The Stock Market and Football as my main career as my course at music school requires a lot of time and dedication so I might have to give up my business as a Stock Broker- we’ll see as time progresses but for now I am happy doing all the things I love.

So there you have it – Find your passion and follow it.

Most of all live a life of fulfillment

Have a great weekend.





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