You Are Where You Are Meant To Be

More often than not we beat our little brains up, into oblivion with thoughts of how we should be somewhere else in life and how being where we are right now isn’t good enough. We incessantly gorge on kilo bytes of data one line of one article at a time or one god damn pinterest or fucking instagram quote at a time seemingly leading to none other than that
self-inquisitive space asking questions like ‘Shouldn’t I be leading a better life?’ or ‘How do I get more rich?’.  All those productivity and improvement buzzwords are all over the internet somehow trickling down on to our laptop screens screaming ‘ You’re not good enough’, ‘You need to improve to get somewhere’.

Facebook and Instagram become a forum of judgement and comparison. Being forced to see pictures of others typically the more wealthy percentage of friends or followers travelling to Greek Islands, driving Ferrari’s and Popping fucking Dom Perignon. While you’re sitting on your laptop screen working  a 9-6 day job, living at home with 2 parents, looking for ways to say to your self “Nah I’m doing alright where I am”
but basically end up sitting there with your dick in your hand while bare chested
tank-top wearing  Bob is on a fucking boat with 5 women sailing in the fucking Carribean*Thank god they weren’t models or else i would hit my screen*

On the television we are bombarded with images of how wealth is the key to all our fantasies and how getting rich is the only way we can get out of being a ‘nobody’and into being a ‘somebody’.

Whether its an advertisement about a guy working from a corner office, driving a Bentley and accompanying a bombshell of a woman, flying first class, sipping chivas regal …. Ideal Guy

They’re not going to show you a guy working in a law firm (like my buddy)
from a cubicle driving a scooter drinking old monk with his buddies. Real Guy

You get my point.

The definition of success becomes skewed and even more distorted into nothing but amassing of the all mighty dollar or ruppee in our case. Success is directly proportional to the amount of money you have in your bank account.
Wait…. What?
So I was brought up through all of school and college taught all those virtues and morals and philosophies to hit the age of 25 and realise that, that’s it? Money.
For my life to get better I need more money.

More money.  You can just hear the greedy little devil in your head laughing away into hyperspace saying those two words.
Fuck it has to stop.

What about just being happy where you are in life?

You’re not a fucking machine. You’re not some kind of robot that imbibes data on how to get better and get ahead and immediately achieves it. You’re not a fucking monk that has achieved inner peace through years of meditation to not let your own thoughts get to you. You’re a human being. Or have we forgotten that?

You’re not miserable until you think you are. You’re not a nobody because not a soul
truly knows the personal battles you’ve fought and adversity you have overcome to get to where you are. You’re not a useless waste of life just because others got dealt a better hand of cards in life. You’re not lagging behind in the race just because your peers are doing all kinds of other things. You’re not some kind of magician that reads a productivity and improvement quote and magically beings to implement it into action the milisecond after reading it. Relax, breathe, take  a step back. Chill out.

You are where you are meant to be.

You just have to figure it all out without beating yourself up about it. Your life isn’t all that bad, it could have been much worse if you were dealt shitty cards at birth. Basically my point being you aren’t on any of the pavements of India begging for food, water and clothes with no roof over your head. So relax you’re fine, be grateful.

You’re not the richest… fine. But life isnt all some mad slog after money. Ok so others can afford fancy things and fancy vacations all the fucking time while you’re sitting there busting your ass 9-6 at work or running your own business. Maybe even bringing up kids on a budget.*salute to all the working moms out there*.

But its fine.

And to those who think they are lagging behind,  unemployed, not financially independent, living at home. It’s fine.
You’re in a golden space of time that you shouldn’t waste on self loathing and numbing your self wasting time online. You’ve got this time to really re-invent yourself and you dont need to decide what you need to do with your life just as yet. Take your time. Hike up a hill, breathe the fresh air, sip some hot tea with the locals and think about nothing but the present moment. You can decide what to do with your life later. Just fucking look at the view from that cliff , let it all sink in. Thats a day well spent and a life well lived right there.

In a nut shell what I’m trying to say is that we tend to keep wanting more while completely ignoring what we already have. We tend to put ourselves down most of the time we should be pumping ourselves up. We all want the good life. Health, Wealth, Happpiness, Success. But its not going to happen over night so stop beating yourself up about it. Relax, breathe. Chill the fuck out.

Sometimes it doesnt go all according to plan, life happens. Yes life. Something we cant control but think we can control. Life happens to you. It knocks you down, it throws a situation, it creates a hurdle to your self development and achievements.

Life is a funny proposition and works in mysterious ways.
Its not something thats in your control. While you’re going about your busy day in a frenzy. Just smile for a minute and think back at how far you have truly come. How much more knowledge your have gained from the previous year. How much you have truly overcome is known to nobody else but you. So fucking sit back and savour that moment.

Whatever self development or improvement is going to happen to you takes time and is not going to happen in a hurry so dont think it will . Its like losing weight or getting into shape, its going to take time. So just relax and chill the fuck out about it while it happens. I repeat,stop beating yourself up. Im not saying don’t be pro active but all im saying is give life time and watch it unfurl into all the good it can be.

Relax  we all get to our destination at the end. Some quickly,some slowly but we do get there and its a beautiful place. So in the meantime think, breathe, live.

Stop chasing shadows just enjoy the ride.



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